Topmore Unveils “The Avengers” Series Water-Proof Wireless Sports Headphones

11 Oct

Taking advantage of the sports craze worldwide, Topmore, a hi-tech firm, has been working with Disney and Marvel to create a series of water-proof wireless sports headphones, with licensed motifs of Marvel “Avengers” heroes “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” and “Thor.”

Stylish Design, featuring Marvel’s Three Popular Super Heroes

Topmore rolled out the unique headphones, on the heels of its fingerprint-recognition USBs and padlocks with licensed motifs of those comic characters, which have had very good market reception. Designs of the headphone and packaging both feature those comic characters, in order to appeal to Marvel fans.

To create a safety, comfort, and musical quality, the headphones boast IPX7-grade water-proof performance, capable of functioning at one meter deep in water for 30 minutes, as shown in rigorous tests. Consumers can enjoy with assurance music, without having to worry about disruption of the headphones’ functioning, either by sweat or water in swimming pool. With 8GB memory capacity, the headphone can store up to 1,000 songs, enabling users to continue enjoying their favorite music, even in absence of wireless connection. With a built-in microphone, it can be connected to mobile phone, allowing users to talk over the phone, while doing other things.

The “Thor” version is in blue color, with the nameplate in the shape of his hammer, “Mjölnir.”

The “Captain America” model is in blue-gray, with a nameplate in the shape of a red-white shield.

The “Iron Man” version is in red, with a nameplate in the shape of the head of the “Iron Man,” projecting a strong style.

Three models with different styles of the comic heroes

Feasible Design, with Easy to Use Controls

When consumers open the packaging box, they can spot the headphone in good protection. The sophisticated box with a unique design doubles as a storage case, in which every accessory has a fixed spot, facilitating an orderly arrangement. In addition to self-keeping, the appealing box also makes the headphone a welcome gift.

The sophisticated box with a unique design doubles as a storage case

For the convenience of users, a number of accessories are available, including five common earplugs and five water-proof earplugs in various sizes, as well as three ear hooks and fixing silicon ropes in various sizes and a small bag for keeping spare earplugs and accessories for replacement.

From the left: Sports and water-proof accessories, small accessory bag, charging base, micro USB charging line.

The accessory bag contains three earplugs in various sizes, five water-proof earplugs in various sizes, and silicon fixing ropes.

Charging base has a micro USB port and is small in size for carrying convenience

Common earplugs on the left and water-proof earplugs on the right

Addition of in-ear fixer, on the left, compared with common status on the right.

As an in-ear model, the headphones are quite secure during exercises. However, fixers in various sizes are still available, mainly for high-intensify exercises. Fixers in different sizes of are available, to fit different ears of sizes.

The series of headphones boast an ergonomic and simple design, featuring absence of complicated keys for operation, which reduces size and weight, making for comfortable use. The same key can be used for different functions like turning the headphones on and off or switching audio, with difference in pressing time, which greatly diminishes the numbers of keys.

With black inner side for all of the three models, there are four operating keys for the right-ear side but only a charging spot for the left-ear side.

The metal charging spot on the left-ear side has the extra function for file transmission

The keys on the right-ear side are, in order, for power source/sound source, LED indicator/call reception/play/suspension, and play.

The upper key on the right-ear side is for volume adjustment/song selection.

Bright and rhythmic sound

Topmore headphones boast bright sound quality, good for light pop music, rock music with distinct rhythm and sound effects, and EDM with strong heavy beat. They can still produce bright treble and median sound and strong power bass even under water, although the sound effects would be somewhat diminished under such conditions, due to the laws of physics.

Given its cool appearance, high-grade water-proof function, complete array of accessories, and remarkable sound effect, Topmore headphones are not only a superb headphones for sports lovers but also an optimal collectible item for Marvel fans.

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