Tech Start-Up Nutshell WiFi Turns Your Boring Business WiFi Into A Marketing Powerhouse That Engages Your Existing Customers While Building New Ones By Simply Replacing Your Router

23 Oct

Nutshell WiFi, an all-new California-based tech startup, a DigiMapps product, has announced the launch of its new business WiFi marketing product, Nutshell WiFi. Designed to provide small and medium-sized business owners with a powerful marketing automation tool and easy-to-use platform where they can create engaging and enticing consumer content to further elevate and engage with their customer base. Nutshell is fully automated, which means business owners simply connect the device, customize their landing page and away they go. Every customer that now uses the free WiFi is now a valuable and measurable customer. This new experience creates genuine customer retention and repeat business. The custom-branded WiFi device and service allows customers to enjoy quick and easy access to free Internet, while also providing business owners with valuable data such as demographics, frequency of visits and customer contact information.

For many small business owners who must take on multiple roles in building the business, marketing is often the first task to fall by the wayside. However, without marketing efforts, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for business owners to determine who their customers are, what they want and what keeps them coming back.

That’s where Nutshell WiFi comes in. Simply plug the Nutshell device into your existing router or modem and allow customers to login to the Internet using their social media accounts, email address or phone number. Nutshell then uses this login information to create a customer database the business owner can use to send automatic targeted promotions, such as free coffee for every third visit to a cafe. Nutshell’s automation tool means that business owners simply have to create their company-branded platform, design the promotion they wish to run, set it up in the software and wait as Nutshell takes care of the rest.

“At Nutshell, we are focused on building communities and helping businesses connect with their customers,” says Nutshell chief operating officer Bryan Lewis. “We believe in the power of small businesses to feed our local economies, create tight-knit neighborhoods and empower customers to feel at home wherever they may be – whether at their local coffee shop or halfway around the world in their hotel. Ultimately Nutshell is a tool that everyone in the community can benefit from – both customers and business owners.”

Currently, Nutshell WiFi’s product is being used by a number of different businesses, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, shopping malls, and bars, among many others. Essentially any business that offers free WiFi can use and benefit. Since Nutshell WiFi’s beta launch on September 1, over 43,000 people have logged onto the platform.

SOURCE DigiMapps

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