Vertica Delivers 422% ROI for China PnR, Nucleus Research Finds

22 Nov

China PnR, a Shanghai-based company providing financial services to small businesses and individual investors, moved to the Vertica Analytics Platform seeking to replace a legacy solution. The new deployment reduced hardware and software costs, improved employee productivity and increased platform stability. Additionally, China PnR avoided heavy upgrade investments to an already expensive legacy system while greatly increasing data loading and query times.

Founded in 2006, the company began as an online payment processor developing into infrastructure services tied to a number of other finance functions. Significant financial and asset management growth has lead China PnR to have posted over two trillion yuan ($300 billion) in transactions in 2016.

“China PnR had been using Oracle for its database and analytics reporting for years. In a 2013 review, the company founded the existing solution’s capabilities contrasted greatly to the company’s growth goals. Local popularity and name recognition alone wasn’t going to put them where they wanted to be, so as Vertica became more established in the Chinese market, China PnR found they could leverage greater peer resources and faster local support with a brand-new deployment,” said Joe Mathias, analyst at Nucleus Research.

Nucleus found that a strong user community can have a big impact on the ROI of a project. China PnR reported that access to peer user groups and local online support, in addition to official Vertica support, helped get the project up and rolling while also contributing to the short two month payback period.

Nucleus quantified the initial and ongoing costs of software licensing, maintenance, hardware investments, personnel time expended for setup and maintenance, and training time.

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