Topmore’s Dual-Link iOS OTG USB Supplements Mobile-Phone Capacity

24 Nov

With mobile phone having doubled as a portable and indispensable entertainment device for many, supplementary storage devices have emerged, to alleviate strained capacity of mobile phones which have become a major headache for many users.

Dual-Link iOS USB Featuring Marvel’s Heroes

In cooperation with Disney, Topmore, a sophisticated tech brand in Taiwan, has rolled out a iOS OTC USB featuring “Avenger” heroes, the first of such USB worldwide, appealing to Marvel fans.

▲ The Topmore iOS OTG dual-link USB features motif of “Avengers,” “Iron Man,” and “Captain America”

▲ Its appearance boasts sophisticated design, featuring a metal frame with slide and nameplates carrying images of different heroes on the front.

▲ On the back is a licensed logo from Disney Marvel.

▲ Anchor points for slides on two sides will be visible for securing USB after it is pushed forward.

▲ Positioned at anchor points in the middle, both ends will be inside the metal frame and well protected.

▲ The Lighting end will also be in the protective area of the frame, safe from being collided or pressed.

▲ On the side are logo and display of capacity.

▲ It can be closely attached to iPhone, without fear of being loosened.

▲ A reading light is visible above the Marvel logo on the back, after it is attached to computer.

Certification by Apple MFi; Strong Storage Supplement

Due to lack of MFi (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certification, many similar devices will be unusable every time iOS is updated. Some will also become unusable after an update. In addition to good hardware design, the Topmore iOS OTG dual-link USB is MFi-certified and furnished with proprietary i-Link App, capable of rapid inter-device data transmission, without need to worry about data security.

▲ After it is attached to iPhone, message requesting download of i-Link App would appear.

▲ The software interference features Topmore’s consistent succinct style, exhibiting capacities of mobile phone and USB via left-right switch on the upper part and a list of functions on the lower part.

▲Online backup copies can be made by entering Dropbox and Google Drive accounts in the function setup below.

▲Start “album backup” copy for storing backup of photos and videos, on top of making reply here.

▲For contact back-up function, in addition to time for previous back-up copies, back-up for total number of contacts is also available here, in addition to making reply.

▲For back-up calendar function, retrieval can be made for all calendars in mobile phone, in addition to display of previous back-up time and making reply.

▲”Album” function enables one to retrieve album stored in mobile phone and make independent album back-up and reply.

▲ After completing backup, click dual-link USB icon on webpage for entering folder and clicking “editing,” for transmitting back-up copies to Google Drive or Dropbox, on top of conducting basic file management.

▲Click camera icon on the upper-left corner of the webpage for triggering camera for taking photos or videos, with files to be stored in the USB directly.

▲ In addition to backup and reply, the USB can be used for inter-device rapid file transmission and playing of multimedia files.

▲ Files stored in the USB can be previewed before being transmitted to others via iOS built-in function or to other App for editing.


Saving time, power, and money

With the assistance of Topmore Marvel-series iOS OTG dual-link USB, one can save the storage capacity of mobile phones and even buy less expensive lower-capacity version of new mobile phones, instead of buying costly high-capacity versions, such as 256 GB iPhone, which many cannot afford. For instance, you can couple Topmore 64 GB iOS OTG dual-link USB with 64 GB iPhone X, thereby having 128 GB storage capacity at your disposal.

Entertainment anytime, anywhere

Topmore iOS OTG dual-link USB is capable of inter-device rapid file transmission, a great improvement over previous products, as well as convenient plug-in transmission. It is capable of instant storage upon taking photos, has an App supportive of various file formats and audio-visual playing, and can store files for playing by mobile phones. It is also a collectible for Marvel fans.

Features of three Marvel-Series Models of Topmore iOS OTG USB


Size: 44.30×25.50×7.90mm(L*W*H)

Weight: 15.6g

Interface: Supportive of USB 3.0 & Lightning

Capacity:16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB

Compatible systems:

Windows 7/8/10 or later;

Mac OS X 10.8 or later / iOS 8.0 or later

Linux 2.x/3.x or later

Warranty:One year


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