Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Releases High-Current Photorelays for Factory Automation and Other Industrial Applications That Can Replace Mechanical Relays

29 Dec

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has started to ship five new high-current photorelays in DIP4 and DIP6 packages, additions to its portfolio of photorelays incorporating MOSFETs fabricated with the latest U-MOS VIII process.

The new photorelays offer multiple options, with an off-state output terminal voltage ranging from 30 to 200V and a steady on-state current of 0.7 to 5.0A. They can replace 1-Form-A mechanical relays in various DC and AC applications, contributing to improved system reliability and reducing the space needed for relays and relay drivers. They deliver a rated operating temperature of 110°C (max), making it easier to accommodate temperature margins in system designs.

In addition, the new photorelays provide a rated transient on-state current three times larger than the rated steady on-state current, contributing to design safety.

The latest Gartner market report recognizes Toshiba as the leading manufacturer of optocouplers by sales in 2015 and 2016, with 23% sales-based market share in CY2016. (Source: Gartner, Inc. “Market Share: Semiconductor Devices and Applications Worldwide 2016” 30 March, 2017)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation will continue to deliver products that meet the needs of customers by promoting the development of a diverse portfolio of photocouplers and photorelays tailored to market trends.


  • Industrial equipment (PLC, I/O interface, contact output)
  • Building automation systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, thermostats, etc.)
  • Semiconductor testers
  • Test boards
  • Security equipment
  • Replacement of mechanical relays


  • High on-state current: TLP3543A delivers a 5A (max.) steady on-state current, the industry’s highest[1] for photorelays in DIP6 package, and a transient on-state current of 15A (max.).
  • Wide range of options for off-state output terminal voltage (30V, 60V, 100V, 200V)
  • Operating temperature: 110°C (max.)

Main Specifications





[V] [A] [A] [mA] [mΩ] [μA] [pF] [ms] [ms] [Vrms]
DC Pulse
(min) (max) (max) (max) (typ.) (max) (max) (typ.) (max) (max) (min)
DIP6 TLP3543A 30 5 15 3 20 40 1 1100 5 0.5 2500
TLP3545A 60 4 12 3 35 60 1 640 5 1 2500
TLP3546A 100 3.5 10.5 3 50 80 1 450 5 0.5 2500
DIP4 TLP3556A 100 2 6 3 110 200 1 110 2 0.5 2500
TLP3558A 200 0.7 2.1 3 900 2000 1 3 1 0.5 2500
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