Providing ‘A Solid’ Solution for NAND Flash Memory Controllers for a Decade

17 May

The global leading NAND Flash controller solution provider ASolid Technology Co., Ltd. (TPEX: 6485) group consists of Advanced Memory Technology and Innostor Technology. Since its establishment in 2008, ASolid has been solely dedicated to the development of NAND Flash controllers and has made invaluable and successful accomplishments in the global memory storage market. For years, the company is holding the largest market share in the global SD storage device segment, and its USB controller solutions have also been widely certified and adopted by its customers throughout the world. As a strategic move, ASolid introduces its latest eMMC and SSD controllers into the advanced industrial and enterprise-grade storage market segments. ASolid’s superior controller solutions provide exceptional cost effective performances and values, and are highly recognized by varied worldwide storage markets and industries. In this year, ASolid is celebrating its 10th anniversary and planning to launch the event of “ASolid – A Solid Solution for Your Memory” in COMPUTEX TAIPEI, 2018. During the exhibition, ASolid will showcase its latest SD, USB, eMMC, SSD controller solutions to declare its aspiration and determination to create the next glorious and successful decade.

In 2018, ASolid introduces AS2258 SATA 6Gb/s controller, a dual-channel client SSD controller exclusively designed for the new-generation 3D NAND. The AS2258 is equipped with SDRAM, LDPC error correction code circuit and RAID protection functions, so it can ensure to achieve the same efficiency and performance as other DDR SSD controllers at a lower cost. The AS2258 provides its customers with the flexibility of PCB layout designs (including 2.5″ mSATA and M2) for SSD mass production plans, making it possible to shorten the SSD verification and mass production schedules. In the second half-year of 2018, ASolid is expected to launch PCIe Gen3x4 SSD controller to meet customer demands for low-cost, low-heating and high-performance PCIe SSD devices.

For years, ASolid is the global leader in providing controller solutions for SD storage devices. With the rapid development of smartphones and related technologies, SD controllers and its specifications have also been continuously evolving to address the next-generation requirements for smartphones and other similar applications. For instance, the Android 6.0 platforms allow smartphones to run Apps on external SD cards. To address the increasing capacity demands for SD cards, ASolid launches its high-performance SD controllers to meet the high-speed requirements for Video-Class high-quality video recording, and support A1 Class grade 1500/500 IOPS random read/write performances for smooth operations on the high-capacity SD card. In 2018, ASolid is expected to launch its latest SD controllers, which can support the next-generation 3D NAND TLC/QLC, and even reach the A2 Class 4000/2000 IOPS random read/write performances. With the strong support for the Low Voltage Signal (LVS), the Command Queue, the new-generation Error Correction Engine (ECC) and other functions, ASolid is able to provide the high-performance, high-reliability and long-lifespan controller solutions for the new-generation SD cards and storage devices.

For the advanced embedded memory applications, ASolid’s eMMC AS2726 controller can support eMMC5.1, TLC and the latest 3D NAND technologies introduced by the leading vendors in the NAND Flash industry. With the innovative hardware architecture and Proprietary ECC error correction technology, the AS2726 controller is able to increase the lifespan of eMMC by 50%. Since its introduction to the eMMC market, the AS2726 controller has been widely certified and adopted by its customers for a wide variety of applications in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, set-up boxes and other advanced consumer electronic devices.

For the USB applications, ASolid’s IS918M is a 55nm controller which can support high-speed USB3.1 GEN1. The IS918M can support single channel Flash memory interface, as well as the next-generation 3D NAND Flash introduced by the key vendors in the NAND Flash market. Therefore, it allows customers the flexibility to select the appropriate NAND Flash capacity (up to 512GB) for their mass production needs. The IS918M adopts the advanced semiconductor processes, and is able to reduce the power consumptions in product applications. Also, the built-in 3.3V/1.8V power supply, as well as the stabilizer and internal voltage detection circuit, allow the IS918M controller to function without any additional power supply and therefore help to reduce the costs of production.

Prospecting the future, ASolid aims to provide full-coverage product portfolios and services to satisfy customer demands of NAND Flash controllers for a wide range of memory storage devices.

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