ASolid Technology Showcases Full-Coverage of NAND Flash Controller Solutions at COMPUTEX 2018

7 Jun

COMPUTEX Taipei 2018, the largest annual technology trade show in Asia, has kicked off on Tuesday and brought together leading technology providers to showcase their latest products and applications. ASolid Technology, the world’s leading NAND Flash controller solution provider, is participating in COMPUTEX for the first time and also holding its 10th anniversary celebration at this grand exhibition. ASolid is a key-player in the global NAND Flash controller market, and is widely recognized for its solid research and design capabilities to provide outstanding technical supports for its clients. This unique technical niche has led ASolid to dominate the SD card controller market within only a few years. From early 2018, the major NAND Flash vendors have made steady yield improvements for 3D NAND Flash, and thus generated a remarkable growth for the industry chain. Besides, the innovative advanced data-driven technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have declared the surging demands for larger scale datacenters. Therefore, in the newly emerging Digital Economies, ASolid’s role as a NAND Flash controller design house should be potential and promising with tremendous growth opportunities.

(Image Source: ASolid. ASolid showcases SSD controller solution at Computex)

During the COMPUEX, ASolid is launching an event named “A Solid Solution for Your Memory” to demonstrate its market strength by showcasing its full-coverage product lines of SD, UFD, eMMC and SSD controllers. It means that the company is able to address customers’ diverse demands for wide ranges of storage device controllers. Therefore, since the opening day of COMPUTEX, a large amount of customers who feel interested in one-stop service with wide-range controller product portfolios have come to visit ASolid’s booth for further information.

AS2258 SATA 6Gbps SSD controller is ASolid’s secret weapon to target the SSD controller market, and is one of the most asked and attracted controllers by the visitors. The AS2258 SSD controller is equipped with ASolid’s “killer app” – the built-in SDRAM technology, and is able to provide excellent user experiences with the extreme speed of SATA-6Gbps. Furthermore, the AS2258 is featured with three “High Abilities” – High Performance, High Supportability and High Cost-Effectiveness. With rapid technical support, ASolid is able to deliver superior controller solutions and fulfill its “Design-in and Design-win” commitment to the customers.

ASolid is currently participating in the 5-day COMPUTEX Taipei exhibition. Welcome to visit ASolid and learn more about the future of NAND Flash controllers and its applications!

ASolid’s COMPUTEX booth information:

Date: June 5 ~ June 8, 2018

Time: 9:00 ~ 18:00

Location: Hyatt @ Room 1147

Address: 2, SongShou Road, Taipei, Taiwan

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