Thrive Senior Living Launches Artificial Intelligence inside All Communities in 2019

9 Jan

Social engagement, reimagined. Thrive Senior Living is once again challenging norms and industry standards, announcing plans to integrate conversational artificial intelligence across all of its communities in 2019. The industry disrupter has tapped Aiva Health, a Silicon Valley-based startup, to launch an integrated technology platform designed to transform the way residents interact and build relationships beyond the four walls of their rooms. The comprehensive and personalized system is the first of its kind in the industry to be fully integrated into the work flows of a community.

Aiva uses Google Home, Amazon Echo and smart speakers to not only engage and empower Thrive residents, but also to connect them more closely to their caregivers. The voice OS is built on a suite of enterprise applications – a mobile app for caregivers to manage help requests, a dashboard for performance reporting and a backend for controlling the voice assistants’ settings and interactions with other IoT smart devices such as TVs, lights and thermostats. When residents interact with the devices, they are able to speak with caregivers directly via simple mobile apps, and caregivers can respond in their own voices, routing specific requests to team members best-suited to fulfill them. The devices are also used for daily information such as checking the weather, knowledge searches and music, as well as informing residents about social events in the community, dining menus and calendar notifications.

“Thrive’s mission, first and foremost, is to build friendships and relationships with our residents – exceptional care is simply a given,” said Les Strech, President of Thrive. “Integrating technology into our communities is a basic, yet powerful way to help our residents feel more connected. It allows our team members to spend less time managing logistics and more time building relationships, ultimately improving quality of life for older adults. The innovators at Aiva have helped us uncover a way to harness powerful technology in an unprecedented way to make living easier – and our residents happier.”

The results of a seven-week pilot program in two Thrive Senior Living communities indicated that Thrive residents used the voice controls at twice the rate of average users for a variety of requests ranging from playing music to checking their social calendars to asking for help from caregivers. Participants reported that team members who used the technology arrived quicker and better informed. Socially, residents reported that they enjoyed the sense of companionship that Aiva provided.

“Over the last few years, in-home voice controlled technology in healthcare has risen in popularity at a rapid pace,” said Sumeet Bhatia, CEO and Founder of Aiva Health. “Voice assistants don’t just engage seniors in their residences, they also connect them with friends, family and neighbors through hands-free phone and video calls, alleviating loneliness and making life more fun and social. What Thrive Senior Living is doing is the first of its kind: no one else has built an integrated platform into the work flow of a community. We’re proud to support them in these efforts to one again forge new paths in this industry through the use of technology.”

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