Born to Rock: TOPMORE Rock Planet Wireless Speaker Offers Star-Quality Audio Performances

16 Jan

TOPMORE, Taiwan’s leading brand of high-end electronics peripherals, is proud to present its latest creation and the perfect gift for the year-end holidays:the Rock Planet wireless speaker. This compact spherical device contains enormous audio power that can potentially redefine your music listening experience. More than just cool looking, it delivers premium audio performances that exceed users’ expectations.

The unique spherical body reflects TOPMORE’s emphasis on exciting high-tech designs

With all three dimensions under 10cm, the outer spherical casing of the Rock Planet wireless speakerunderscores TOPMORE’s solid foundation in product design as well as its special kind of high-tech aesthetics that turns electronics peripherals into personalized luxuryitems. Weighing just 220g, the portable speaker provides both wireless and wired connections so that its users can enjoy music everywhere anytime. Also, TOPMORE is delighted to have an opportunity to again work with the global entertainment giant Marvel and Disney Studios to release the exclusive “The Avengers” edition of the Rock Planet speaker. Sheathed in cool metallic colors and adorned with the logo of The Avengers, this newest addition to the series of Marvel-themed offerings from TOPMORE is set out to be a classic, one-of-a-kind collectible for fans of Marvel Comics around the world.

TOPMORE received the official license from Marvel/Disney to create the exclusive“The Avengers” edition of the Rock Planet speaker. In developing the product with the licensor, TOPMORE hit upon the idea of using deep metallic grey and pale silver to represent the collective courage of the superhero team. The logo of The Avengers is placed right at the center of the speaker to convey the Marvel spirit

The Marvel logo emblazoned on the top of the speaker indicates that this is an officially licensed product.

The model/serial number and product information are located at the base of the speaker. The label specifically states that the Rock Planet is 100% made in Taiwan.

Apart from The Avengers edition, TOPMORE also offers the same spherical wireless speaker under the company’s brand name and featuring its logo. Equally attractive, the two editions of the Rock Planet are to add choices for customers and broaden its appeal.

The TOPMORE edition features a dual-color design of rose gold and black. The company’s logo, which is minted on ametallic gold medal, is placed front and center to draw attention to the TOPMORE brand and its unique charms.

The buttons for power switch, volume control, and track skipping are located at the top of the speaker.

The rear of the speaker is where one finds (from left to right) a 3.5mm audio port, a multi-function button (for switching audio sources, RGB lighting effects, and the TWS mode), a MicroUSB charging port, and a microSD slot.

The TOPMORE and The Avengers edition have their separate but equally well-designed package boxes.

TOPMORE strives to be different even when it comes to designing user guides. The user guide of The Avengers edition features the superhero team from Marvel Comics on its cover.


Powerful but small –the Rock Planet aims to create an impactful listening experience

As a wireless speaker unit, the TOPMORE Rock Planet offers premium specifications: 45mm, 4 ohm, and 5W dynamic output. The size of its resonant cavity is more than sufficient to deliver powerful sound amplification and give music its full-bodied quality. Two Rock Planet speakers can work jointly as a high-quality stereo system. Each speaker comes with a Micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable. Besides streaming music via Bluetooth, the Rock Planet can use the audio cable to connect to a source device or play sound files from a microSD card. These additional options create a more enjoyable and convenient music experience for its users. The built-in lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1,000mAh, which translates to four hours of non-stop music playing.

Complementing the exciting design is the stunning RGB lighting effects that can animate the music listening experience. The Rock Planet offers three modes of lighting effects to spice things up: mono-color flash, multi-color cycle, and dynamic multi-color pulse.

Compared with other wireless speakers, the Rock Planet with its built-in 45mm speaker delivers much better audio performances for all genres of music. It impressively handles sounds in the middle and upper sections of the musical and vocal ranges. Listeners will be able to clearly hear the lightness quality of a singing voice and distinguish between different musical instruments. When playing full-rhythm music, the Rock Planet strengthens the heavy beats without compromising the quality of other sounds. Also, using two Rock Planet speakers does not simply make music “twice” as loud. Through the latest Bluetooth audio technology – True Wireless Stereo (TWS) – two Rock Planet speakers can be configured into separate left and right channels so as to provide a more perfect listening experience.

A short video clip demonstrating the RGB lighting effects of the Rock Planet speaker has been uploaded to the official YouTube channel of TechNews. Those who are interested in the product can watch the video below.


The top choice for parties and music listening with friends or alone

Compact in form and dazzling in appearance, the Rock Planet backs up its attractive design with exceptional audio performances and four hours of continuous play time. The 5W output gives the wireless speaker the power toraise the roof of any party and become the center of attention. At the same time, the Rock Planet is finely tuned to highlight and enhance different sound qualities. It is a trusty musical companion that can alsocreatea relaxing solo listening experience. Additionally, the Rock Planet provides a wide range of connectivity and play options to meet the various needs of its users. On top of all these, the officially licensed The Avengers edition of the Rock Planet speaker is a must-have collectible for fans of Marvel superheroes.

Dimensions: 76x80x87mm Weight: 220g
Model Number: BS-01 Input Voltage DC 5V
Battery Capacity: 3.7V/1,000mAh Charge Time 3 hours
Play Duration 4 hours Signal Range: 10m
Product &Standard Accessories:


A speaker, a MicroUSB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a user guide :



One-year warranty including free technical assistance



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Whole sale contact: or +886-3-667-6771 #1207

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