Marvel’s Iron Man multipurpose bicycle accessory — a four-in-one system to enrich your mobile lifestyle

14 May

Taiwan’s high-end technology brand, Topmore, has collaborated with Disney’s Marvel once again to launch the latest Marvel licensed multipurpose bicycle accessory. Just like Iron Man putting on different suits in response to different situations, the concept is combining different functional components into one machine to enrich and diversify the mobile lifestyle.

Exclusive Marvel license — a must-have item for collectors

Taiwan’s high-end technology brand, Topmore, has collaborated with Disney’s Marvel to launch the latest exclusive line of technological products: STM Marvel Professional Multipurpose Bicycle Accessory. Combining Topmore’s innovation with Marvel’s superhero theme, the new STM bicycle accessory is designed with the metallic colors of Iron Man. STM can perform four major functions through the different components: power bank, LED light, DV, and Bluetooth speaker.

▲Two editions of packaging

▲Exclusively licensed by Disney’s Marvel — all-around collectible design quality

▲The one on the right is the regular black edition with a muted matte finish, which is different from the sleek metallic texture of the Iron Man edition. The one on the left has Iron Man’s chest piece at the top. The clear section in the center is the power button and below is the Marvel licensed logo.

▲The gun-shape design exemplifies technological craftsmanship. The geometric lines add to the heroic element.

▲The mount receptacle and component fastener are on the back so the component can be firmly attached to the top.

▲The Micro-USB charging port is at the bottom.

Power bank combined with replaceable components for multiple applications

The main body of Topmore’s Marvel multipurpose bicycle accessory is a built-in power bank with a capacity of 1900mAh. Together with the three replaceable components of DV, LED light and Bluetooth speaker, STM’s multiple applications meet the needs of cyclists all at once. When cycling, you can mount the DV as a driving recorder for safety. You can also use it to capture the scenery along the way. At night, you can switch to the LED light to improve visibility and cycling safety. When you stop to take a break, you can switch to the Bluetooth speaker, connect it to your cellphone and enjoy a relaxing time. You can also charge your phone or other devices with the main body.

▲The three functional components, top row (left to right): Bluetooth speaker, LED light and DV. The STM also has its own bicycle mount. The main body below has a built-in power bank with a capacity of 1900mAh. Besides attaching to different components, it can also charge cell phones or other devices.

▲The unique design of combining power bank and functional components — you can change the component anytime you want

The power bank has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1900mAh that can charge and discharge simultaneously. It also has the smart energy-saving function. If you turn it on by accident and do not continue to operate, it will turn off automatically in 40 seconds to avoid power loss due to misoperation. This will also extend the lifespan of the battery.

The DV uses the SONY1/2.9 COMS SERSOR6G optical lens that provides 1080 Full HD quality. The exceptional night vision presents higher resolution of nighttime images. In addition, the STM app (Android & iOS) and Wi-Fi connection allows viewing in real-time, route recording and GPS tracking. Not only will it ensure cycling safety, it can also map your bike ride.

▲The Sport DV can be used as a bike driving recorder. In addition to real-time recording of the ride, it can also record cycling routes with GPS.

▲You can also play and download the DV recordings and photos on the STM app

▲You can set the image quality of the recordings and real-time videos according to your preferences. The highest resolution provided is 1080P.

The Bluetooth speaker can be plugged and played. You can connect your phone to play music and make calls hands-free with the built-in microphone. The battery can last up to 15 hours. If you feel it is too constricting to wear headphones while wearing a helmet, you can use the Bluetooth speaker to play music and enjoy the fun when cycling.

▲ The exclusively designed Bluetooth speaker component — besides playing music, it supports hands-free calling with the built-in microphone

The high-brightness white LED light has three lighting modes: on, dim and flash. The battery can last up to 9 hours. You can also adjust the beam angle with its mount. As you bike, you can switch to different lighting modes according to preference, environment, cycling speed and condition to enhance cycling safety at night.

▲With its own bicycle mount and adjustable gauge length, you can mount it on any section of the frame. You can also adjust the angle with the spherical support.

A must-have technology gadget for Marvel collectors

From the fingerprint USB drive, iOS-only OTG USB drive, fingerprint padlock, waterproof Bluetooth earphones for sports, Rock Planet Bluetooth Speaker, to the multipurpose bicycle accessory, Topmore’s collaborations with Disney’s Marvel always surprise Marvel fans, just like Iron Man and his myriad of suits. The integration of craftsmanship and technology pours the Marvel spirit into every facet of life, especially for die-hard Marvel fans. From your home to outdoors, you can enjoy the company of your beloved superhero anytime, anywhere. As the “Avengers” fight their last battle, this multipurpose bicycle accessory is definitely a must-have in your collection.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 131X35.5X35.3 mm (L*W*H)

Product & Standard Accessories: Power Bank x1/ LED Flashlight x1/ Sport DV x1/ Wireless Speaker x1/ Stand Holder x1

Functions: Sport DV / Wireless Speaker / Flashlight / Power Bank

Warranty: One-year warranty including free technical assistance


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