ACT Genomics Opens Third Laboratory in Asia at Hong Kong Science Park

9 Jul

ACT Genomics Holdings Co., Ltd (“ACT Genomics” or the “Group”), a leading cancer precision treatment solution provider, has opened its third Next Generation Sequencing (“NGS”) laboratory in Asia at the Hong Kong Science Park, an innovation and technology centre spearheaded by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. The opening ceremony was officiated by Ms Annie CHOI, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology; Mr Albert WONG, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”); together with Dr Hua Chien CHEN, Chief Executive Officer, Dr Shu Jen CHEN, Chief Scientific Officer, and Mr Victor CHAN, Chief Financial Officer of ACT Genomics.

Founded in Taiwan in 2014, ACT Genomics provides cancer patients with personalised genomic information based-treatment plans through its cutting-edge NGS platform, medical report and integrated services. The platform is capable of detecting multiple genomic alterations using a single tissue sample within a single test run. When used together with sophisticated bioinformatics analysis tools, curated proprietary medical informatic databases and data visualization technologies, it can match identified mutations with not only approved therapies but also targeted therapies in clinical trials, in other words, facilitate “precision medicine” treatment. Apart from the laboratory in Hong Kong, the Group also has laboratories in Taiwan and Japan serving the Asia market. With more than 7,800 samples sequenced, the Group has built a comprehensive cancer genomic database in Asia covering 20 different types of cancer.

The new NGS laboratory of the Group in Hong Kong is equipped with dual sequencing platforms (Ion GeneStudio S5 System and NextSeq 550 System), which boast both speed (quick turnaround time for clinical report) and throughput (high volume or depth for research purposes). The about 7,000 square feet laboratory is supported by workforce of about 40 responsible for sales, medical science and research and laboratory work. It is designed and built to serve the clinical, pharmaceutical and research communities in the city and Asia, and aspires to capture the tremendous opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future.

With innovation and technology (“I&T”) topping the HKSAR Government’s policy agenda and biotech research being a key strength of Hong Kong, ACT Genomics also plans to partner with various research institutes to help support the development of Hong Kong into a world-class research centre for healthcare and biotech in Asia.

At the ceremony, Dr Hua Chien CHEN, Chief Executive Officer of ACT Genomics, said, “With over 31,000 new cancer cases in Hong Kong every year, it is crucial for cancer treatment solutions to stay on the cutting edge, and that is the mission of ACT Genomics. We are here to change the existing cancer treatment model and make cancer more manageable. Our NGS platform provides physicians with essential reference for prescribing the most appropriate and effective treatment to a patient; many of Hong Kong’s private sector oncologists are ordering our services for their patients. We intend to draw from our successful experience in Taiwan and replicate it in Hong Kong with the help of this new world class NGS laboratory.

“We have confidence in the growth potential of the industry for two reasons. Firstly, there are about 33% more new cancer cases in Hong Kong when compared with a decade ago, increasing on average 2.9% each year, and new cases are going to keep climbing given Hong Kong’s aging and growing population. Secondly, the global oncology drug market has been growing fast and strong, and is expected to be worth an astonishing US$190 billion in 2022, doubling that in 2016, according to industry reports. This means the number of approved targeted/immuno-therapeutic drugs is expected to increase notably in the next few years, and the number of companion diagnostic (CDx) tests for specific biomarkers is also expected to rise.

“On top of enhancing our clinical capability, the new laboratory can serve pharmaceutical companies in such areas as biomarker and target discovery, drug development and clinical trials, allowing the Group to capture tremendous business opportunities going forward, not just in Hong Kong and Macau, but also other cities in the Greater Bay Area.”

ACT Genomics believes that the Hong Kong Science Park, dedicated to supporting deep tech enterprises and availing to them all necessary facilities and services, is ideal for placing the Group’s new NGS laboratory. In addition to having the support of quality infrastructure, the thriving biotech community there will also present to the Group abundant collaboration and co-innovation opportunities. Moreover, this Hong Kong laboratory will serve as the Group’s corporate finance headquarters, helping it foster closer ties with the investment community in the city deemed an international financial hub.

Mr Albert WONG, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP, congratulated ACT Genomics for its successful laboratory opening, “We warmly welcome ACT Genomics to our vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem at Hong Kong Science Park. Biomedical technology is one of our fastest growing clusters with over 120 companies and incubatees engaging in multiple disciplines such as diagnostics, therapeutics and medical devices. With leading biotechnology solution providers like ACT Genomics joining our community, we foresee unlimited opportunities for collaborations and co-creations with synergies, as well as expanding the clustering effect of attracting more talent and companies to the Park, making our ecosystem and technopreneurs continue to grow to its fullest potential.”

ACT Genomics – Hong Kong Laboratory at a Glance


Building 15W, Hong Kong Science Park

Construction Area

Approximately 7,000 square feet

No. of Employees

About 40


Comprehensive genomics profiling ACTOnco®+,

targeted genomic profiling ACTDrug®+,

breast cancer gene testing ACTBRCA®,

cancer monitoring ACTMonitor®,

hereditary risk evaluation ACTRiskTM

Key Laboratory Facilities

Ion GeneStudio S5 System, NextSeq 550 System (on-going), Agilent 4150 TapeStation System, QIAsymphony SP, etc.

About ACT Genomics Holdings Co., Ltd

ACT Genomics Holdings Co., Ltd is an innovation-driven cancer solution provider in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Tokyo. With our Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and experienced bioinformatics team, we provide optimal cancer treatment planning, cancer relapse and drug resistance monitoring, cancer risk assessment and immunotherapy evaluation to medical professionals.

Our team is specialized in biomarker identification, underlying disease mechanism discovery and genetic alteration exploration. Pharmaceutical communities also benefit from our expertise in identifying targets for drug development, stratifying patients for clinical studies and delineating drug responses with efficiency and efficacy. We “turn genomics into action”.

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