Topmore Technology Launches New DACAGM-100 RGB Gaming Mouse, Delivering Fast and Smooth Gaming Experience

20 Aug

Topmore Technology has expanded its footprint into the professional gaming market by launching GM-100 professional gaming mouse and GMP-100/200 professional gaming mouse pad for gamers. The mouse pad combines ergonomic design with high accuracy and stability, which allows gamers to enjoy gameswith fast and smooth experience.

▲The brand newDACAGM-100 professional gaming mouse with RGB backlit.

▲Detailed product specifications are on the back of the package.

▲Details of up to 12000 DPI resolution and full color RGB backlit are on the side of package.

▲The overall packaging maintains Topmore’s typical design features with a high-quality texture.

Topmore’s DACA GM-100 professional gaming mouse adopts the 5+1 button ergonomic design, which is easy for gamers to control in a comfortable and accurate way. For the hardware, this product uses Omron D2FC-F-7N(10M) switch and PixArt PMW3360optical sensor for gaming. It also has a life span of 10 million clicks and a resolution of maximum 12000 DPI, allowing gamers to enjoyfast response and accurate clicks when playing games. In addition, through the exclusive software, users can also customize the functions of 5 keys and set different macro modes. The settings, including macro modes, are directly saved in the mouse, based on its built-in 512KB memory, which makes the mouse more portable and more convenient for users.

▲The mouse has five buttons, including left/right/middle mouse buttons, and two thumb buttons on the left; in addition, there is also a top button to facilitate different levels of DPI so that users can choose from 400/1200/2000/12000 DPI for different games.

▲The curve of GM-100 mouse features the ergonomic design and allows perfect match with the palm.

▲The size of GM-100 is proportional, which fits the hands of both male and female users.

▲There are two thumb buttons on the left and rubber coating with ergonomic design.

▲There are RGB lighting and rubber coating on the right.GM-100’s full-color RGB lighting offer five different backlit modes, allowing users to choose as they like.


▲RGB Lighting effect


▲Similar to GK-100, this product is also equipped with fabric cable and gold tinted USB head.

In order to provide professional mouse pad to match the professional mouse, Topmore Technology also launched fabric mouse padGMP-100/200, available in two sizes, 25X21CM and 45X40CM. The meticulously woven fabric provides fast and accurate gaming experience. The strengthened fabrics along the edge can prevent the mouse pad from getting worn out, and the rubber coating on the bottom also allows users to maintain the stability of mouse during intense gaming.

▲GMP-100/200 professional mouse pad is available in two sizes to meet users’ different needs.

▲GMP-100/200 professional mouse pad of 25X21CM and 45X40CM.

▲Rubber coating on the bottom and strengthened fabrics along the edge can prevent the mouse pad from getting worn out, and also keep the pad stable.

As for customizing the mouse’s function, Topmore also provides a powerful and convenient software for the users to quickly set various functions of the mouse, e.g. button designation, backlit, mouse resolution, macro setting, etc.

▲The software interface to set a variety of functions.

The GM-100 mouse has six programmable buttons, each of which can be independently set to enable different functions and macros. In addition, functions like Windows hot keys can also be set directly on the mouse. By switching between different modes, users can quickly and easily adjust the mouse functions to fit in different games or applications.

▲Users can set the functions using mouse buttons. In particular, the sniper mode allows players to quickly switch to low resolution, improving the accuracy of the aiming.

▲Users can set the backlit mode.

In addition to the built-in backlit modes, users can also customize the lighting effects and colors of the three backlit areas on the mouse using the software, creating their own lighting modes and showing their unique styles.

▲The macro function is powerful, making it more convenient for both working and gaming.

▲The macro recording function can record the combination of keyboard and mouse actions completely.

GM-100 provides an easy-to-use macro recording function. Users can record the commonly used buttons, multiple mouse actions, hot keys, etc. as a macro, stored in the mouse, which will make it more convenient for both working and gaming. The built-in memory allows users to take the mouse wherever they go, and the macro can be directly used with other devices without additional settings.

Enjoy the accuracy in everyday life, more than just professional gaming

This is the first time for Topmore Technology to expand its footprint into keyboard and mouse accessories by launching GK-100 keyboard, GM-100 gaming mouse, and GMP-100/200 gaming mouse pad. The full set of products enables a convenient way for users to improve their performance in the game and gaming experience. Along the trend of gaming, Topmore develops convenient and professional keyboard and mouse accessories for the needs of players. However, in addition to professional gaming, users can also enjoy the accuracy in everyday life and work through these professional products. Combined with ergonomic design, these products are also very suitable for the ordinary users who use computers for a long time. Keyboard and mouse accessories are a brand-new field for Topmore, but we also see the company’s outstanding products with excellent creativity and strength.

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