Topmore Technology Expands Its Footprint into Gaming Sector by Launching GK-100 RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

22 Aug

After releasing tech accessories for various fields, Topmore Technology has launched the GK-100 professional gaming keyboard for gamers, expanding its footprint into the gaming sector, meeting the needs of different types of gamers, and enriching their gaming experience.

▲Topmore’s brand new Shuriken GK-100 professional gaming keyboard.

In order to meet the needs of professional gamers, Topmore’s Shuriken GK-100 adopts Cherry RGB backlit key switches with blue and red variants. Cherry Blue Switch is non-linear, with tactile and clicky sound when typing, which is suitable for users loving clicky feedback. Cherry Red Switch is silent, and does not make much noise. Compared with light and clicky Blue Switch, Red Switch is soft and smooth.

▲GK-100 is entirely black with stable frame, so it does not slide or move easily.

▲By pressing the FN together with arrow keys, users can switch between the backlit. Pressing FN with INS and DEL keys is for the switch between 6KEY and NKEY Rollover function when playing different types of games.


▲By pressing the FN together with arrow keys, users can switch between the backlit.

▲By pressing FN and ALT keys, users can record the keyboard macro. An additional hand pad can be added below.

▲By pressing FN together with F1~F5, users can switch between different settings; F6 is for the switch between the game mode (locking the Windows key) and the general mode; F7~F12 are multimedia function keys.

▲There are also two USB2.0 slots, one 3.5mm headphone slot, and one 3.5mm microphone slot at the back of keyboard.

▲The product is equipped with a 1.8M delicate fabric cable and gold tinted USB head.

▲Keyboard using Cherry MX Blue RGB is demoed this time.

▲Keycaps do not get worn out easily, so the print will not fade away or disappear with intensive use.

▲The unique ergonomic wrist pad can be added or moved easily, providing comfortable experience even after long time use.

Topmore GK-100 gaming keyboard uses Cherry MX RGB with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks. The laser printed keycaps do not get worn out easily, so the print will not fade away or disappear with intensive use. It also provides smooth touch and accuracy of typing. With a built-in memory of 4MB, the keyboard supports up to 5 different user modes and macro function settings. Through the keyboard itself, users can switch between 5 levels of backlit brightness and 8 modes of backlit. Through the software, users can further set the color and brightness of individual keys so as to customize various lighting and colorful effects, showing different personal styles.

▲In addition to the key areas, the frame is also equipped with unique RGB lighting.

▲The lighting matches well with the ergonomic pad, enhancing the texture of the keyboard.

In addition to the hardware, Topmore also develops exclusive software for GK-100. The combination of hardware and software enables the customization of function, allowing users to present their strong styles. Moreover, the convenient macros and settings would make the users even more powerful in the game.

▲The software interface provides a variety of powerful functions, so users can easily customize the settings here.

In addition to the customized keyboard functions, users can quickly customize the modes of GK-100 using the software, such as macro settings, specifying the corresponding application/game for each setting, key definitions and backlit, etc. It is also convenient to import and export the modes that have been set.

▲Users can also set the color and backlight of individual keys using the software.

In addition to the built-in backlit modes, users can also customize the lighting effects and colors of all the keys on the keyboard using the software, creating their own lighting modes and showing their unique styles.

▲The macro function is powerful, making it more convenient for both working and gaming.

GK-100 provides an easy-to-use macro recording function. Users can record the commonly used buttons, multiple mouse actions, hot keys, etc. as a macro, stored in the mouse, which will make it more convenient for both working and gaming. The built-in memory allows users to take the mouse wherever they go, and the macro can be directly used with other devices without additional settings.

A good choice for a professional gaming keyboard

This is the first time for Topmore to expand its footprint into keyboard and mouse accessories by launching GK-100 backlit keyboard, which enables a convenient way for users to improve their performance in the game and gaming experience. Along the trend of gaming, Topmore develops convenient and professional keyboard and mouse accessories for the needs of players. Although this is a new challenge for Topmore, the company has released outstanding products with excellent creativity and strength.

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