【TTA Exclusive】To Provide A Comprehensive Sports Experience, Happy Island Tech Company is Gradually Building a Sports Technology Ecosystem

14 Feb

Happy Island Co. Ltd is a start-up company focusing on sports wearable technology. Galerdo Beker Pro, its second-generation audio swim tracker & music player, not only records data such as swimming time, distance, round trips, and number of strokes but also has a built-in interactive real-time cloud voice assistant. Users can listen to swimming conditions in real time without headphones or connecting to a mobile phone, and can also listen to music while swimming underwater. This innovative wearable device has been recognized by the industry, winning the CES 2020 Innovation Award.

Jordan Huang, the founder and CEO of Happy Island Tech, who has been engaged in research and development for nearly ten years, established the company that specializes in sports wearable technology in 2012, with the combination of technology and sports interests. “The company’s goal and vision are to provide comprehensive sports experiences for the target group and to build a sports technology brand generally recognized by users,” said Jordan Huang.

After Galerdo Beker, the first-generation music shell of the product, the company launched the second-generation Galerdo Beker Pro, which is the world’s first game voice tracker specifically designed for swimmers worldwide, without headsets, and with a built-in instant voice cloud AI assistant. The most enjoyable features of the product are the built-in AI and underwater bone conduction technology. No need to wear headphones or use smartphones and the voice assistant can instantly notify the recorded swimming data and status to users. What is even cooler is that users can also enjoy a wonderful swimming experience by listening to music underwater.

“Managing independent technology, establishing a brand, outsourcing production, and retailing through e-commerce are the four major elements of Happy Island’s business model,” said Jordan Huang, “First of all, we have exclusive patented technology and innovative products to create brand awareness and trust that build up market influence. Happy Island manages the technology and marketing, while the production is outsourced to a professional third-party team. Through e-commerce, we can quickly and effectively connect to the target customers and promote to the global market. ”

Additionally, Galerdo Beker Pro has an exclusive App that supports the synchronous data upload to the cloud and community sharing, thereby creating a sports community. In the future, in addition to launching wearable devices for different sports, the company will also launch voice-training courses. Users can complete training courses at different stages through the guidance of voice commands. Jordan Huang specifically emphasized cross-sector integration and points out that in the future, swimmers, coaches, swimming pool operators, equipment manufacturers, etc. will be connected to create an exclusive sports technology ecosystem.

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