Ion Liquid Electrolyte Enhances Safety of Lithium Battery Significantly

25 Mar

Australian scientists have developed a brand new lithium battery featuring ion liquid electrolyte and lithium anode, boasting higher safety and capacity 50% higher than existing ones.

The battery is developed by BatTRI-Hub, a research institute on battery energy storage, of Deakin University. It is in the form of flat pouch cell, with capacity reaching 1Ah (=1,000 mAh).

The battery employs ion liquid electrolyte, removing the risk of explosion during high temperature or short circuit, which plagues existing lithium-ion batteries. The latter employ liquid electrolyte containing organic solvent, with corrosiveness and flammability, risking leakage and explosion.

Patrick Howlett, director of BatTRI-Hub, noted that ion-liquid is nonvolatile and fire-retardant, the higher the temperature the better its performance. Thanks to the trait, the battery can spare some devices the need of cooling system.

In addition, the battery features lithium anode, boosting its storage capacity by 50% than existing batteries with anodes made of graphite and copper.

BatTRI-Hub plans to produce a larger model, with capacity reaching 1.7 Ah.

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