Xsolla Unveils New Fast & Fair Refunds Solution, Bounty Program for Gamers

23 Apr

Xsolla, the video game business engine that helps developers and publishers launch and operate games globally, has launched two new programs to deliver best-in-class experiences for gamers – Fast & Fair Refunds and Xsolla Bounty.

“We’re looking to set a new standard for ease of use and transparency to protect our partners and their consumers when it comes to payments and refunds,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “We’ve created these new programs in the hopes of solving issues players have encountered when purchasing games. We want gamers to have a positive relationship with Xsolla, developers and their projects, and believe Fast & Fair Refunds along with our new Xsolla Bounty program will help to build that trust.”

Fast & Fair Refunds informs consumers of a game’s refund policy right at checkout, building trust through open communication. Xsolla understands that sometimes a refund is needed – and developers have always had their established policies for when refunds would be issued – but there are times when this process can be a challenge for gamers to navigate. Fast & Fair Refunds aims to solve the problem with a clear and concise checkout experience that details the refund eligibility and policy – Limited, Moderate or Flexible – set by the developer. There is also a simple form where players can easily submit a refund request covering 130+ currencies and 700+ payment systems. Long-term, Fast & Fair Refunds will feature tools that will allow gamers to follow their refund status and receive automatic reversals.

For game developers, Xsolla is simplifying the complexities of managing refund requests with a scalable solution to fit their needs, and are compliant with regional laws and translated into the local language. All three presets cover the different products developers offer such as physical goods, game keys, digital goods and virtual currency, and allow gamers to request a refund within 14 days of the purchase. Fast & Fair Refunds gives developers the support needed to seamlessly run a globally compliant refund process, allowing time to focus on what’s important … creating their next big game.

Xsolla Bounty Program

The Xsolla Bounty program is a proactive effort to reward gamers for helping Xsolla continuously improve and provide a seamless experience with their products. The company is calling on players to identify and submit bugs on the platform or ideas for improving any processes, with the goal to fix flaws promptly and reward participation. Xsolla is open to reports to help them tackle a variety of bugs such as functionality errors, misspelled word(s), missing/misleading/confusing information or incorrect context, design defects and system vulnerabilities.

This program, for web and mobile versions of the company’s website, is designed to reward responsible disclosure of bugs and as such Xsolla will honor contributions with a reward system based on severity, impact and report quality. The company will grant one bounty per bug to the person offering the first clear report. The payment scale is based on a three-tiered flaw model: Minor/$100, Major/$300 and Fatal/$1,000. Funds will be remitted to gamers’ PayPal accounts or provided as a credit for one of Xsolla’s partner’s games.

Additional information on Fast & Fair Refunds and Xsolla Bounty program are available at https://refunds.xsolla.com/ and https://xsolla.com/bounty.

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