About Us

TechNews was founded in the second half of 2013 by a group of enthusiastic professionals with a collective passion for different fields. These include information technology, energy, semiconductor, mobile computing, the Internet, medicine, and biotechnology. Using our different knowledge and skills, our aim with TechNews is to publish quality articles of high originality and insight.

TechNews was co-funded by professionals from both science and technology industries, and was established with the expectation of complementing a full variety of online media categories with quality information for all technology businesses. Due to our growing international audience, our in-depth content is available in different languages.

TechNews is currently operated by a highly experienced editing team led by senior IT journalist Cardin Yeh, whose areas of expertise include e-commerce, 3C technology, new media, online startups, semiconductor industry, and other advanced technologies. Under his lead, TechNews is striving to deliver news stories and articles that educate people about technology.

The content on TechNews is currently available in three different languages, including English (Technews.co), Traditional Chinese (Technews.tw), and Simplified Chinese (Technews.cn).


Before its official establishment, TechNews served as a platform that only collected articles from guest writers. This changed in July 2013, when the company received official investment and encouragement from a wide variety of sponsors ranging from academics and physicians to influential personalities from technology and online platform businesses. With the new sponsors, we were able to officially become an influential online media with loyal readers from all over the globe. Our incisive information, which covers cutting-edge technologies, has helped individuals and organizations with their projects, businesses, investments, and policies. Ultimately, we believe every piece of our articles has a potential to make a difference to the world.


Among Chinese language media, we believe TechNews is quickly becoming an important and indispensable platform due to its extensive technology coverage and professional editorial staff.

Not only do we cover factual content, but we also publish highly detailed commentary, opinions, trends and inside stories from all over the industry. All of these articles on TechNews are extracted from knowledge based on long-term observation and experience. Therefore, they are of high credibility and editorial integrity. We welcome any discussions upon our coverage.

Wherever you are based, your support and subscriptions are our motivation to progress. We are dedicated to delivering information of value, and we hope you find them helpful.

As we advance, we would like to invite you to join us. We welcome and appreciate any forms of collaboration, including guest article contributions, business partnerships, and exchange of authorized content.