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Tesla to Expand Urban Charging Network

15 Sep

Aside from adding new Superchargers or residential charging facilities, Tesla recently announced it will set up more downtown charging points in some large cities in the United States, so as to provide more convenient charging options for drivers. (more…)

DPP Government Needs Municipal Cooperation in Promoting Green Power

12 Sep

In order to materialize the vision of nuclear-free homeland by 2025, the Tsai Ing-wen administration has targeted raising the share of green power to 20%. The “alliance for pushing energy transformation,” organized by dozens of NGOs, however, expressed concern recently that most municipal governments appear to remain largely unprepared for the initiative. (more…)

Micro LED, VCSEL to Lift Epistar Growth from 2018

11 Sep

Taiwan-based LED chip giant Epistar’s revenue in August stood at NTD 2.332 billion (USD 77.59 million), with a rise of 3.7% MoM (5.3% YoY). It has hit a new high in the past 28 months. The company explained the fully-utilized capacity for blue LED manufacturing and the AlInGaP demand driver from the horticultural lighting market accounted for the growth, despite an overall slide of 0.3% YoY in the consolidated revenue of 2017 (accumulated until the end of August). (more…)

Revisiting Taiwan’s Energy Policy Following Aug. 15 Power Outage

11 Sep

The Aug. 15 extensive power outage disrupting local people’s life, triggered by CPC Taiwan’s error in gas supply for Taipower, has prompted rethinking of the nation’s energy policy. (more…)

Addition of Nanodiamond Can Stabilize Lithium-ion Battery

6 Sep

In the wake of the explosion of Samsung Note 7 mobile phone and a number of mobile phones catching fire in recent years, lithium-ion battery safety has become a major issue for the mobile-phone industry. (more…)

Breakthrough Made for PSCs

5 Sep

A technological breakthrough has been attained recently, greatly facilitating the commercialization of perovskite solar cells (PSCs). (more…)

NASA Successfully Launches Latest Communications Satellite

25 Aug

NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-M (TDRS-M), which is the third and final in a series of next generation communications satellites, has successfully been placed into orbit following separation from an United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket. (more…)

TiTANplatform Forms Strategic Partnership with China Unicom for Smart Content and Device Telecommunication Sales in China

25 Aug

TiTANplatform, a global smart content and device company, has announced a strategic partnership with China Unicom to provide smart content and device localization solutions. (more…)

Box Brings Intelligence to Cloud Content Management

25 Aug

Box, Inc., a leader in cloud content management, has announced that it is bringing advanced image recognition capabilities to enterprise content through an integration with Google Cloud Vision. (more…)

Edmentum and Renaissance Announce Partnership to Provide Adaptive, Personalized Student Learning Paths

25 Aug

Edmentum, a leading provider of web-based learning solutions, has announced a collaboration with Renaissance, the leader in pre-K–12 learning analytics, to combine proven online assessment with adaptive instruction. (more…)