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M Science Launches Enhanced Coverage of the Android Ecosystem

14 Jun

M Science, the leader and pioneer in data driven research and analytics, today announced the launch of enhanced coverage of the Android ecosystem. The company is now able to pair handset activation data from the United States and China with comparable component data at the device-level. The result is unmatched intelligence on volume, pricing and revenue contribution by manufacturer and/or model.


Android is now more popular than Windows among internet users: Report

5 Apr

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Are you surprised after reading the headline? Well, it all depends on how you perceive the statistics presented by the independent web analytics company StatCounter today. The report published by the company suggests that Google’s Android operating system is now the world’s most popular operating system depending on total internet usage. This data has been compiled based on the usage across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile combined. (more…)

Here’s an iPhone Case That Brings the Complete Android Experience in Tow

15 Mar

By  Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Have you ever wanted to run iOS as well as Android on the same device, especially the iPhone? This hasn’t become a reality till date due to Apple’s stringent security practices, which don’t allow you to hack the device to sideload any OS. But, there is one company who has worked out an alternative and obvious approach to the problem. An iPhone back cover!! (more…)

Android Pay Expands, Deals Struck with Visa and Mastercard

26 Oct

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Towards the expansion of its Android Pay service, Google has come to strike two strategic partnerships with Visa and Mastercard. As Android Pay expands further thanks to the various deals and debuts Google has been crafting, users will be able to make payments on hundreds of thousands of all new sites, where either of  Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted. (more…)

Android Marshmallow Now Installed On One Percent Of Devices, Nexus Sales Still At A Low

4 Feb

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Its been crawling growth, but M got there in the end. Yes folks, Android Marshmallow has finally entrenched itself on a total of 1% of Android devices, several months after its release. (more…)

[UPDATE : Confirmed] Next Android Will Be Based On OpenJDK Instead Of Oracle’s Proprietary Java APIs

31 Dec

By  Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

Google’s next android version, which is yet to be named officially, will replace its implementation of Java APIs with the open source version of Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK) called OpenJDK, the search giant confirmed to The Tech Portal in a statement. (more…)

Private Chat Feature Now Available On BBM For Android And iOS

29 Jun

News source:  Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

The once exclusive BlackBerry messenger is not appealing much to users now, considering the fact that there are now many other alternatives. This does not discourage a few loyal BBM users who still think that the Canadian company’s secure chat is the best one out there, though. (more…)

Android TV Now Has Over 600 New Channels On The Play Store

8 Jun

News source:  Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Ever since its introduction, Android TV has struggled to make a bright impression on users, especially when put next to the achievements that Google Chromecast has garnered so far. In an attempt to rejuvenate Android TV’s fortune, Google has concatenated dozens of TV apps to Play Store, taking the total count of TV apps to over 600. (more…)

PayTm Upgrades Wallet’s Android App With Money Transfer, Slide To Pay Features

4 May

News source: Mansi Lamba, The Tech Portal

India’s largest, and probably the most innovative mobile commerce platform, Paytm has now launched a newly updated Wallet app for its android users, loaded with all those iOS features which Paytm unveiled during the launch of its iOS app just days ago. (more…)

It’s official : Android Wear is getting a second major update, brings in Wi-Fi support, smart gestures

21 Apr

New source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

While the rumour mills had already been churning out what the next Android Wear update might look like, the update is now official. Google has announced the new Android Wear update, and without further ado, let’s get straight to see what the new update offers. (more…)