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Revolutionary New App Lets You Check Your Brain Health 24/7

15 Feb RC21X_Brain_Performance_App

RC21X has released a new mobile app that gives users objective information on their brain performance through playing a series of video games. The app, dubbed Roberto is available as a free download via the App Store, GooglePlay and Amazon. (more…)

Vulnerable ‘Security Backdoor’ Discovered in WhatsApp’s Encryption, Debunked as Being a Feature

17 Jan whatsapp-new-image-e1469104026767

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Widely popular messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has garnered immense praise for being one of the first to implement end-to-end encryption. On Friday, however, The Guardian has published a report to drag the company in the dirt due to the existence of a ‘security backdoor’ in its encryption mechanism. This caused tech and security enthusiasts to question the integrity of the claims and the messaging app. (more…)

Mobile Usage Hits Critical Mass, Social Apps Take Lions Share of Time Spent over Mobile

17 Jan 2016-top-apps-hero-990x586

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

As per a recent report from Flurry Analytics, which is part of the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, mobile usage has continued exhibiting signs of growth. However, the growth appeared to slow somewhat as the market appeared to be leaning towards maturity in 2016. Interestingly, 2016 was also the last year of the first decade since their conception, for mobile apps. (more…)

Spotify the Top Non-Game App by Revenue, As the World Shifts Closer to Streaming

16 Jan 2016-top-apps-hero-990x586

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

It’s time for certain companies to rejoice over their hard  work as Sensor Tower has released its new year-end reports detailing the top applications of the year gone by. The results clearly  reveal the mark left by streaming services as they acquire the title of the best app by revenue, outside of games.


Opteck’s New Ground Breaking Mobile Platform

11 Jan prne_opteck_image

Opteck, the leading online trading broker, has invested heavily in new technology as it expands to acquire new global markets and increase its client base in existing markets. The broker launched a revolutionary new mobile app; a significant development and a major addition to Opteck’s award-winning desktop trading platform. Its successful launch is the culmination of a long research and development process and represents a major triumph for Opteck. (more…)

Tencent Launches ‘Mini Programs’ for WeChat, Which Feel Like Real Applications

11 Jan 10269543_676065705763698_7205351329652449548_n

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

China’s most used Internet portal, Tencent, has made a go in the field of mobile apps, or rather, apps within WeChat — China’s most successful chat app with over 846 million monthly users. Tencent has introduced a beta program for the new breed of applications, which are basically a simplified and unvarnished version of Android and iOS apps, which can be quickly downloaded, run as well as stored within WeChat. (more…)

Snap Inc. Is Opening a New Research and Development Office in China

23 Dec snapchat-spectacles-990x534

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Snapchat’s spectacles are a pretty high point for the company. The company has really put in a lot of efforts in marketing the gadgets — even though the marketing was rather unconventional and in form of pop-up shops. The company seems to have some seriously high hopes from its spectacles and as such, it is now opening a brand new R&D technology office in Shenzhen, China. (more…)

Line Pay Launches Its First Co-Branded Credit Card in Taiwan with CTBC

23 Dec pc192599-624x365

Instant messaging app Line’s mobile payment arm Line Pay on Dec. 19 announced its first co-branded credit card in Taiwan, which was jointly launched with CTBC Financial Holding to target the app’s 17 million users in the country. (more…)

London Hydro Customers Leverage Bidgely HomeBeat via Cloud-Based Green Button Connect My Data Platform

19 Dec tech image

Bidgely, innovator of the award-winning HomeBeat platform and London Hydro, a utility leader in the deployment of Green Button solutions, today announced findings from London Hydro’s digital customer behavioral energy efficiency program. (more…)

Life’s Better with a Coach–Announcing iFit Coach, The First Ever Smart Health Hub for Personalized Exercise, Nutrition, Activity and Sleep

13 Dec coach_icon

Announcing iFit Coach, the first ever mobile smart coach to connect, monitor and dynamically adjust four key pillars of fitness: exercise, nutrition, activity and sleep. The mobile experience links consumers with the expertise of personal trainers, registered dietitians and sleep coaches to provide a customized daily plan, and is available now. (more…)