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Google’s Recent Patent Reveals More of the Company’s Autonomous Cab Ambitions

18 Jan google-self-driving-car-tp-new-1320x990

By Mudit Mohilay,  The Tech Portal

If you can put aside the Google Glasses you were never able to put on for a second, Google has succeeded in almost every major field it ventured in. Its website is basically how most of us were introduced to the web, its mobile platform Android, is how a majority of the world interacts with their smartphones — and so on and so forth. Well, the company is now readying to venture into the cab aggregation business and a recent patent filing reveals just how Google may be hoping to take on the already established players in the field. (more…)

Volvo Is Joining the Growing List of Automakers with Independent Mobility Units

14 Jan Capture-20

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Automakers seem to be in a frenzy now a days. Most are investing in self-driving tech and the few that aren’t (and many that are) are pumping in resources to create car sharing units. Volvo has jumped the bandwagon as well and is creating a dedicated business unit focused upon the car sharing business. (more…)

Connected Car Startup CloudCar Rakes in $15Mn from Jaguar Land Rover

11 Jan screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-1-53-54-am
By Disha Manocha, The Tech Portal
CloudCar, a cloud service provider for connected car companies, has managed to get its hands on a $15 million “minority investment” from UK based automotive giant Jaguar Land Rover.


Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz Are Teaming up to Launch an AI Driven Car within the Year

9 Jan mbnv1-web-990x598

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

The rush to get artificially intelligent systems into the driver’s seat of our cars has taken epic proportion. Almost every other company we know of is part of what has turned into the general stampede towards getting AI capable driving systems afloat. Well, Mercedes believes that it can get there within the year and towards that, has teamed up with Nvidia. (more…)

AT&T Is Tying up with American Center for Mobility, and Automakers to Help Them Test Autonomous Cars

6 Jan screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-1-28-09-am-e1483560285872

By Neha, The Tech Portal

Connected cars are the third-fastest growing tech devices after smartphones and tablets. And quite fittingly, these autonomous vehicles are all the rage at CES so far, dominating a lot of the headlines we have received till date. Adding to that already bulky list is an announcement by American Center for Mobility and tech giant AT&T. (more…)

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye Will Have Autonomous Test Vehicles on the Roads by the Second Half of 2017

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BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye today announced that a fleet of approximately 40 autonomous BMW vehicles will be on the roads by the second half of 2017, demonstrating the significant advancements made by the three companies towards fully autonomous driving. Revealing this at a podium discussion held during a joint press conference at CES, the companies further explained that the BMW 7 Series will employ cutting-edge Intel and Mobileye technologies during global trials starting in the U.S. and Europe. (more…)

INU, the Smart Scooter That Folds in 7 Seconds, Can Now Be Yours

28 Dec z_openclose_1

Green Ride, the company behind INU, the premium, smart, foldable vehicle, is announcing that customers can now reserve their very own INU. (more…)

Uber Decides to Test Its Self-Driving Cars in Arizona

27 Dec uber-germany_injunction-e1445364324739-1024x512

Uber is moving a test of its self-driving cars to Arizona after being handed a regulatory defeat in California. The company says it will begin a test of the self-driving vehicles in early 2017 in Phoenix. Uber is touting the support for its experiment of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, who had issued a statement telling Uber “California may not want you, but we do.” (more…)

Will Honda and Google Partner on Self-Driving Cars?

26 Dec google-self-driving-car-tp-new-1320x990

Honda has announced it is discussing testing Waymo’s self-driving technology in some of its vehicles. Waymo is a unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet and currently has 58 self-driving cars on U.S. roads. (more…)

Uber Acknowledges Its Autonomous Cars Have Trouble with Bike Lanes

22 Dec uber-self-driving-990x543

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

The past two weeks have been completely full with allegations against the lacking safety of Uber’s self-driving vehicles. They’d been spotted committing a series of traffic violations, ranging from running red lights to failing to yield for pedestrians since the public pilot of their cab service in the streets of San Francisco. But the ride-hailing giant hadn’t dispensed a statement addressing the grievances until today. (more…)