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HERE and Mitsubishi Electric Team up to Offer Advanced Location Services for Autonomous Cars

3 Nov

Building safe, reliable and efficient autonomous transportation systems requires collaboration between organizations across the automotive and technology industries. On October 27, HERE Technologies (“HERE”) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (hereafter called “MELCO”) announced their intention to link their technologies for autonomous vehicles into a powerful integrated offering for automakers. (more…)

Tesla Unveils New Patented Battery Swap Technology

27 Sep

Tesla appears to have taken a major step forward in pushing the popularity of electric cars with the rollout of “battery swap system and technology,” helping drivers overcome the headache of time-consuming battery recharging. (more…)

Tesla to Expand Urban Charging Network

15 Sep

Aside from adding new Superchargers or residential charging facilities, Tesla recently announced it will set up more downtown charging points in some large cities in the United States, so as to provide more convenient charging options for drivers. (more…)

Covestro polycarbonate blend revs up electric motorcycle from Alta Motors

15 Sep

Alta Motors developed the Alta Pack, a custom, energy-dense battery pack for its Redshift MX and SM electric motorcycles. The Alta Pack stores 5.8 kWH into 31.5 kilograms with a maximum output of 350V. Components of the Alta Pack’s housing utilize polycarbonate blend resins from Covestro LLC.


Zenuity to Launch Zenuity Connected Cloud, a Platform for Self-Driving Cars, Powered by Ericsson

13 Sep

Zenuity, a software development company focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Support (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) systems, announced today a collaboration with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), to launch Zenuity Connected Cloud -Powered by Ericsson. This new platform will utilize Ericsson’s technology infrastructure to provide a suite of vehicle-connected services that can be customized by the OEM based on their AD/ADAS needs. (more…)

Audi Cooperates with Alta Devices on Automobiles with Solar Roofs

31 Aug

Audi and Alta Devices, a subsidiary of solar-cell specialist, Hanergy Thin Film Power, plan to work together to integrate solar cells into panoramic glass roofs of Audi models. With this cooperation, the partners aim to generate solar energy to increase the range of Audi electric vehicles. The first prototype will be developed by the end of 2017. (more…)

My Name Is Shen and That Is the Way I Manage the Company! Thunder Power Promises to Release EV as Scheduled in 2019 Regardless of Rumors

16 Aug

Due to its status as an OTC-listed company and the negative rumors from the market, the board chairman and founder of Thunder Power Holdings Limited Wei Shen is careful with his responses when interviewed by media in order to not be caught by monitoring institutions like the SFI. However, Shen still responds to the media’s questions with great confidence. (more…)

Versatile, Segment-Leading 2018 Honda HR-V Arriving at Dealerships

15 Aug

With its stylish coupe-like design and SUV functionality, the versatile and segment-leading1 2018 Honda HR-V begins arriving at Honda dealerships August 14 carrying a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP2) starting at $19,570. (more…)

Panasonic Develops Drowsiness-Control Technology by Detecting and Predicting Driver’s Level of Drowsiness

8 Aug

Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has developed a drowsiness-control technology for detecting and predicting a person’s level of drowsiness and allowing to stay comfortably awake. (more…)

Toyota Is Said to Partner with Mazda on the Development of EVs and Will Head to the U.S. to Set up a Factory Together

8 Aug

According to the Nikkei on August 4th, Toyota and Mazda has been in the final stages of negotiation for a joint partnership; It is expected that Toyota will receive nearly 5% stock right from Mazda. Also, Mazda will put up capital for Toyota. (more…)