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Robot Housekeepers to Reside in More Than 1 in 10 American Households in 2020

10 Feb pepper-robot-tp

New findings from Juniper Research have revealed that over 1 in 10 American households will own a housekeeping robot by 2020, with global unit shipments reaching 48 million in 2020, up from 15.7 million this year. (more…)

Uber’s Platform Will Play Host to Daimler’s Self Driving Cars

3 Feb Uber-e1484576085117

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

Uber has entered into an alliance with Daimler, which will allow the automaker to launch its self driving cars from the former’s ride hailing platform. Uber is raring to deliver a self driving service for its customers, for which it had previously allied with Volvo as well. Daimler is its second partner in the pursuit of the goal. (more…)

Connected Car Startup CloudCar Rakes in $15Mn from Jaguar Land Rover

11 Jan screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-1-53-54-am
By Disha Manocha, The Tech Portal
CloudCar, a cloud service provider for connected car companies, has managed to get its hands on a $15 million “minority investment” from UK based automotive giant Jaguar Land Rover.


Uber to Channelize Investments towards Improvement of Mapping Technology in India

26 Dec uber-mi-note-2015-07-23-01-1024x549

By Simran Agarwal, The Tech Portal

India is one of the largest markets for popular ride hailing app, Uber, with its presence in 29 Indian cities. It is now at the second spot for the company after U.S, post its recent exit from China. The company is in direct competition with Ola and is continuously striving to take up on the company. Company’s founder Travis Kalanick had previously stated that it would be investing around $1 billion in India operations. (more…)

Uber Acknowledges Its Autonomous Cars Have Trouble with Bike Lanes

22 Dec uber-self-driving-990x543

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

The past two weeks have been completely full with allegations against the lacking safety of Uber’s self-driving vehicles. They’d been spotted committing a series of traffic violations, ranging from running red lights to failing to yield for pedestrians since the public pilot of their cab service in the streets of San Francisco. But the ride-hailing giant hadn’t dispensed a statement addressing the grievances until today. (more…)

Tesla Implements Idle Fees at Supercharger Stations to Stop It from Being Used as a Parking Spot

20 Dec supercharger-idle-fee-990x430

By Simran Agarwal, The Tech Portal

In recent times, Tesla witnessed a significant drawback for its electrically driven cars i.e, non-availability of a charging spot at Supercharger stations. The problem occurred due to the fact that a majority of Tesla owners use the charging station as a parking spot and leave their vehicles for hours even after the charging completes. The company has now come up with a solution to dismiss the issue. (more…)

Will Kaohsiung Have Driverless Buses in 2017?

17 Dec navya-624x351

French startup Navya said Thursday it plans to launch driverless buses in Kaohsiung next year. At a Taipei news conference, Navya executives said they hope to begin trial operation of the ARMA model during the EcoMobility World Festival in October 2017. (more…)

TomTom and Microsoft Join Forces to Bring Location-Based Services to Azure

15 Dec microsoft-new-e1439881190547

TomTom (TOM2) and Microsoft announced today they will partner to bring enterprise-grade location-based services to Microsoft’s Azure platform, (more…)

Demand for xEV Batteries to Grow 17% Annually in 2017 on Back of Recovery of China’s xEV Market

12 Dec shutterstock_121821430-624x416

Global volume demand for lithium batteries that power xEVs (plug-in vehicles) is estimated to reach 1.7 billion units in 2016 and grow by 17% annually to 2 billion units in 2017, according to EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce. (more…)

Audi to Launch Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technology in 2017

12 Dec audi_logo_01

By Aastha Chugh, The Tech Portal

Audi is launching a brand new, state-of-the art vehicle-to-infrastructure platform (V2I) in some of its cars that is truly futuristic. This V2I platform will be able to do a lot of petty amazing stuff — including notifying drivers of how long they’ll be waiting at a red light. (more…)