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Post-Computex: Taiwan’s ICT Industry in Crisis

25 Jun

The Computex 2015 concluded on June 6. Almost concurrently, CEA, the organizer of U.S. Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hosted the CES Asia in Shanghai, and a telecom products trade show in Singapore also took place in June. GSMA, the organizer of Mobile World Congress (MWC), will also formulate the MWC Asia in Shanghai next month. The arrival of such important information and communications technology (ICT) trade shows in Asia will undeniably negatively affect Computex, previously the largest ICT exhibition in Asia. (more…)

Computex is big business: CNA

8 Jun

Computex Taipei, the world’s second largest computer show and top PC exhibition in Asia, generated US$25 billion in business opportunities this year, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】 Is 3D printing overhyped or the real thing?

7 Jun

3D printing is evolving rapidly in response to hype, greater visibility and demand. Some technologies are maturing faster than others and will be widely available within a few years. In fact, some are already in general use. But many technologies are still five to 10 years away from mainstream adoption. Consumer adoption will be outpaced by business and medical applications that have more practical applications in the short term. At Computex this year, there was a dedicated area for 3D printing with a total of about 10 booths. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】Altek vs. GoPro – Altek Corp. unveils world’s first wireless compact action camera for live broadcasting– Altek Cubic Live

7 Jun

Taiwan’s digital camera design manufacturer Alteks Corporation (Altek) announced an upgrade of their compact wireless sports & action camera, Altek Cubic Live, at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015. Compared to the first generation Cubic, which is focused on selfie-taking and high megapixels, the second generation Cubic’s highlight is its dual-band WiFi feature and 150-degree wide-angle lens. It is the first wireless compact sports & action video camera to be attached to drones to conduct live broadcasting. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】This year’s Computex is like a microcosm of Shenzhen’s North Huaqian Road

6 Jun

This year, Computex attracted many companies from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Many of the Chinese companies in attendance are based in Shenzhen, which is a key link in the world’s technology hardware supply chain. Shenzhen is increasingly becoming an innovation hub and developing a dynamic startup scene. In fact, there were so many booths displaying various types of technology hardware at Computex this year that it felt much like Shenzhen’s North Huaqian Road. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】Fish & Herbs, mini aquaponics with charging port, under spotlight at Computex

6 Jun

Fish & Herbs, a combination of hybrid fish tank and potted plant, was on display by Taiwanese design firm Arky Design at the Computex 2015. The device, called an aquaponics by Arky, was designed by two students from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. From working on a graduate project to pushing for a retail product, the students have come a long way and proven that crowdfunding sites are one of the best places for young innovators to realize their dreams. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】Dell rolls out new Inspiron series laptops at Computex

6 Jun

Dell Inc. received two d&i Gold Awards at the Computex this year with its XPS 13 laptop and gaming desktop PC Alienware Area 51. Also at the Computex, the U.S.-based PC maker announced a new line of Inspiron series products to meet all needs. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】Apple’s external storage accessories demand thrives as Apple products’ popularity continues

6 Jun

Apple’s iPhone, iPad popularity remains strong as manufacturers are launching more accessories to meet the driving demands. Lightning port is widely-adopted for external memory expansion devices. The lightning products are supplied by multiple accessory suppliers, and they are using the name of Apple to advertise and get larger market shares in the memory and storage devices industry. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】ChipSiP unveils smart headphones with display, joins race with Google Glass

5 Jun

Imagine a headphone that is combined with a Google Glass and then imagine using your tablet at your eye level. ChipSiP Technology, a Taiwanese wearable solutions provider, made that idea come true. At the Computex 2015, ChipSiP unveiled the world’s first Android-enabled smart headset with a 180-degree hinge, the SiME Smart Headphone. The headphone also has storage capacity and can play audio and video content, making the headphone more than just an accessory. (more…)

【COMPUTEX 2015】 Taiwan’s MSI rolls out 360-degree monitor camera PANOCAM Pro

5 Jun

Taiwanese information technology provider Micro-Star International Co. (MSI) joined other tech companies in developing the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The leading gaming brand tapped into the IoT industry and smart home business by rolling out two 360-degree IoT cameras — PANOCAM and PANOCAM Pro — at the Computex 2015. (more…)