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ASUS Announces ‘ASUS SmartHome’ and Support for 3D-Printable Parts at Computex 2016

2 Jun

By Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

ASUS has announced a wide range of impressive new products at the ongoing Computex 2016. These products include the latest X99 Series and ASUS TUF Sabertooth motherboards, the ASUS Swift PG258 gaming monitor and the ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ curved display, ASUS ProArt and ZenView Series monitors, ASUS mini and stick PCs, wireless solutions, and other accessories.


Four Themes to be Highlighted at Computex 2016

23 Mar

There will be four themes highlighted at Computex this year: games, the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and business solutions as the world’s second-largest computer show works to broaden its scope, according to Taiwanese media. (more…)

Wearables to be highlighted at Computex 2015

1 Jun

Computex, the world’s second largest computer trade show, will spotlight wearable devices this year, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Changing’s One-Time Password System Wins Golden Award at Computex

7 Jun

Information security has been a very important issue in the IT industry, particularly for companies with many classified data. Therefore, services related to information safety are pretty popular on the market and they are more vital in the Internet Era. (more…)

【Computex 2014】ProLogium Exhibits World’s First Ultra-Thin, Flexible Battery

6 Jun

ProLogium showcased the world’s first flexible FPC lithium-ceramic battery (FLCB) during Computex 2014. This breakthrough product is almost as flexible as a sheet of paper, breaking through all the limitations of lithium batteries such as thickness, weight, and flexibility. ProLogium states that its flexible FLCB is superior in quality and performance than similar technology from LG and Apple. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Hardware Supplier Seeking Way Out with Software Service

6 Jun

Taiwanese hardware suppliers have gradually lost the edge in competing with their foreign rivals during the recent years. They have become less competitive for providing lower-cost products. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Intel Following Footsteps of MediaTek

6 Jun

In the development of mobile device chip, Intel Corp. is focusing on the tablet computer market. (more…)

【Computex 2014】AOPEN Inc Introduces Interactive Ad Displays

6 Jun

AOPEN Inc., a Taiwanese component manufacturer, introduced at this year’s Computex a number of digital advertisement billboards which function similarly to LED-based ad displays, but come with additional features such as facial recognition, eye tracking, and live data recording. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Ford Brings New Car Experience with Google Glass App

5 Jun

Ford Motor Co. invited the press at Computex to take a look at their vehicles with Google Glass on. One of our writers was lucky enough to experience this in person. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Synology: NAS Market Segmentation Further Subdivided with Entertainment, Mobile, and Cloud Integration Solutions

5 Jun

Thanks to the increase in multimedia and amount of data being used, NAS storage systems for home use are performing pretty well on the market. To target the change in market demand and requirements, Synology further subdivided the current market segments and exhibited their new solutions during Computex 2014. The company also provided solutions targeting the needs for integration of public and private cloud. (more…)