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Securus’ Intelligent Inmate Communications Device Count Now Exceeds 140,000 Units in Service

16 Oct

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced that it had deployed over 140,000 intelligent communications devices that do much more than just allow an inmate to make an outbound call. (more…)

Internet Trust at All Time Low; Not Enough Being Done to Protect Data, Says Internet Society Report

24 Nov

The Internet Society has today released the findings from its 2016 Global Internet Report in which 59 percent of users admit they would likely not do business with a company which had suffered a data breach. Highlighting the extent of the data breach problem, the report makes key recommendations for building user trust in the online environment, stating that more needs to be done to protect online personal information. (more…)

Cyber Security a Top Concern in Asia Pacific, says Internet Society Survey

26 Sep

Online security is the area that warrants the most urgent attention from policymakers, according to the recently published Internet Society Survey on Policy Issues in Asia Pacific. (more…)

An Important Message to Yahoo Users on Security

24 Sep

A recent investigation by Yahoo! Inc. has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor. (more…)

MindLink Chat & Messaging App Supports Data Security With AirWatch Integration

10 Aug

MindLink, provider of Chat Enabled Collaboration (CEC) applications for global businesses, today announces its security integration with VMware AirWatch. (more…)

Security Researcher Uncovers High-Risk BIOS Vulnerability in Lenovo PCs (Yet Again!!)

6 Jul

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

This ain’t anything new but Lenovo is yet again under fire for its security practices. A security researcher has discovered a UEFI bug that exposes Lenovo(and possibly other vendor) machines to arbitrary System Management Mode(SMM) code execution, rendering Windows’ basic security protocols useless. (more…)

SpeedyCloud Partners with Tenable Network Security to Boost Cloud Security for Customers in China

5 Jul

Tenable Network Security, Inc., a global leader transforming security technology for the business needs of tomorrow, today announced Chinese cloud industry leader SpeedyCloud as a partner in China with the selection of Tenable’s market-defining continuous monitoring solution to provide customers with increased cloud security assurance and advanced vulnerability management. (more…)

Russia And China Ink New Cyber-security Pact To Not Attack Each Other On Cyber Fronts

11 May

News source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

If the recently signed Billion dollar trade agreements between Russia and China weren’t a decent enough indication of the growing Bonhomie between two of the world’s biggest powers, the two have now come together to sign a new Cyber-security Pact, wherein the two nations have pledged not to hack into each other’s networks (via WSJ.D). (more…)

Taiwan’s intelligence agency gets zero enlistment for its cyber unit

29 Apr

Based on reporting from Storm Media Group, the National Security Bureau (NSB), the main intelligence agency of Taiwan, is having trouble establishing its own “cyber division” due to lackluster recruitment efforts. Since 2014, the NSB has tried to enlist IT security specialists through civil service examination. However, no one has applied for the special, senior-level examination that is the mandatory first step to being taken on by the agency. This absence of any candidate is the first time in the NSB’s hiring history. (more…)

Trend Micro partners with startups on mobile apps

22 Apr

Trend Micro, a Taiwanese developer of Internet security software, opened a Taipei office Monday together with two local startups as the firm looks to boost its mobile platforms. (more…)