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Chinese cyber-spying India, South-East Asian nations for over a decade : FireEye Report

14 Apr

News source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

FireEye, the Chinese internet research firm actively involved in voicing opinions against China’s hardened internet censorship program, has now come up with a new report, which claims of “uninterrupted” cyber spying by Chinese authorities over India and other South East Asian nations. (more…)

China’s ‘Great Canon’ is its latest weapon to scale up internet censorship within the country

13 Apr

News sources: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

China’s potential to conceive Internet havoc has gathered quite the headlines recently. While the Great Firewall (a popular nick given to China’s ruthless internet censorship) has been staging brutal attacks on sites and organizations that lies within its perimeters, it seems that China might have gone a step ahead this time. (more…)

Interpol’s Global Complex for Innovation identifies dangerous malware in cryptocurrency transactions

31 Mar

News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Virtual transactions are generally considered the safest of all the web activities and are equally hard to tamper with. We might need to update our knowledge on that with Kaspersky and INTERPOL cyber threat researchers coming up with a new cyber threat research report. (more…)

Taobao stays off US piracy blacklist for third straight year

8 Mar

The US on Thursday said it was keeping Alibaba’s massive consumer-to-consumer e-commerce site Taobao off its piracy blacklist for the third year in a row. (more…)

Avast anti-virus has reportedly been blocked by the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’

3 Mar

News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

In what appears to be yet another internet dictatorship (yes, that’s what we are calling it these days) act, the Great Firewall has targeted another foreign technology firm, Avast and is working on eradicating its existence within Chinese boundaries. (more…)

Cyberattack takes down Lenovo’s website

2 Mar

Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, said on Thursday a cyberattack had taken down its website. (more…)

China cleans up 60000 online accounts under its ongoing internet censorship drive

1 Mar

News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

The Great Firewall has clinched it’s fist yet again. China’s leading internet companies culled around 60000 online accounts for various factors that did not complied with China’s internet regulations. (more…)

Pre-Installed Adware in Lenovo PCs could allow hackers to access your browser data

20 Feb

News source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

Lenovo may be riding well on its (or Motorola’s) smartphone success, but its PC business has gone completely awry. A serious security threat has now been detected in an Adware which comes pre-installed on Lenovo PCs, which could allow remote hackers to see your entire browsing data, and possibly, your complete PC data. (more…)

Neweb Technologies Introduces ATOP Authentication System to Combat Malicious Spam Messages Aiming to Steal Your Money

10 Feb

One-time password system (OTP) is a common online identity authentication mechanism. During a transaction or login session, the user will receive a set of single-use, randomly-generated (dynamic) password via his or her designated smartphone or another mobile device. (more…)

North Korean hackers repeatedly attack foreign websites

8 Dec

North Korea has been accused of being behind the cyber attack on Sony Pictures’ computer systems. According to South Korea, the North Korean government has an army of more than 3,000 hackers who have launched repeated attacks on Seoul. (more…)