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Japan Display may build new factory to supply Apple

24 Feb

Japan Display Inc. may build a new factory in Japan to boost panel production for Apple Inc., according to the Wall Street Journal. (more…)

Corning unveils “Project Phire”, a glass as resistant as Gorilla 4 and ‘almost’ as scratch-proof as Sapphire

9 Feb

News source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

We’ve all heard how Sapphire is “the” material when it comes to manufacturing scratch-proof and damage-proof glasses at the same time. Though Sapphire does possess those qualities, it is expensive, and hence not as affordable as one would want it to be. Well, Corning’s “Project Phire” may bridge that gap for us. (more…)

GTAT Insolvency Marks Uncertain Future for Sapphire Cover Glass, says TrendForce

7 Oct

U.S. sapphire furnace and sapphire manufacturer GTAT, the primary sapphire supplier to Apple, filed for bankruptcy on October 6. As of September 29, GTAT reported having US $85 million in cash. Under the US$578 million multi-year agreement GTAT and Apple signed last November, GTAT must supply a certain volume of sapphire ingots to Apple while Apple was to pay GTAT in four installments with the final $139 million payment scheduled for the end of October. But low sapphire yield rates have made Apple withhold the last payment. Additionally, GTAT lost an American Arbitration Association (AAA) lawsuit against Taiwanese sapphire manufacturer Tera Xtal Technology in August. AAA ruled GTAT should return payment totaling $ 24 million for faulty sapphire crystal growth furnaces, which greatly strained the firm’s finances. (more…)

Japanese suppliers increase production for Chinese brands like Xiaomi

6 Oct

Japanese manufacturers Japan Display Inc. (JDI), Sony and TDK have drummed up production following increased orders from Chinese smartphone brands such as Huawei Technologies Co. and Xiaomi Inc., Japan’s NIKKEI reported Oct. 5. (more…)

Kyocera Releases Sapphire-Screen Smartphones Earlier than Apple

6 Aug

Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone 6 is reportedly equipped with sapphire display. However, Japanese cellphone maker Kyocera, which has a pretty good market share in the U.S., unveiled its sapphire-screen“Brigadier”smartphone before the new iPhone hits the market. (more…)

With Uncertainty over Sapphire Screen, Corning’s Stock Might Have Fallen for Nothing

1 Aug

Corning Incorporated, American manufacturer of specialty glass, released a weak earnings report July 29 on the slower tablet and smartphones demand and the possibility that Apple and Samsung might ditch glass screen and for sapphire screen. (more…)

【Computex 2014】Asus Expands Market with Diverse Range of Products

3 Jun

Aside from the most talked about release of the Transformer Book V, Asus also exhibited a wide range of interesting product lines during Computex 2014. The variety of products the company displayed can be clearly seen in the exhibit hall, ranging from computers, smartphones, tablets, and even onboard monitoring devices. (more…)

A few possible upgrades to expect in the iPhone 6

5 Nov

The iPhone 6 will likely offer a lot more than just a noticeably bigger display, according to various reports. Patently Apple, a website known for covering the technologies used in Apple products, reported recently that SK Hynix has managed to create its first advanced 6-gigabit chip with low power DDR3, and claimed that the Korean company is already beginning to deliver samples to its clients. The chip’s maximum supported speed is currently said to be in the range of 7.4 GB/s to 14.8 GB/s, depending on the chip’s internal settings and the kind of channel system used. (more…)

The Future of Fashion in Wearable Tech?

5 May


Wearable computing could very well be the next fad in the realm of mobile technology. Other than the existing e-paper smartwatches from Pebble and Google’s futuristic pair of glasses, potential products such as the brain-sensing headband from InteraXon, bionic, reality-augmenting contact lenses, and fitness-made-easy arm straps are all likely to become hot-selling tech items within the foreseeable future. (more…)

Possible Panel Specs for the next iPad mini Revealed?

6 Nov

Resolution of iPad mini, compared with other iOS displays; picture taken from

The craze surrounding the iPad mini, it appears, is not ready to subside anytime soon, with rumors already touching on what’s going to be included in the next iteration of the miniature tablet. Just yesterday, one of Apple’s major supplying partners, AUO, unveiled that it is working on “retina display” panel that will allegedly exhibit a pixel density of as high as 497ppi, according to UDN. This would make it a lot higher than what we’d get from the current generation iPad, which has a 326ppi display. The overall screen resolution, on the other hand, is estimated to be around 1536×2048, as opposed to the present iPad mini’s modest 1024×768 resolution. Even without a sample at hand, one can already begin to imagine the type of clarity that would be featured the future product’s small, concentrated screen.

As indicated by the supplier, manufacturing a retina display iPad mini will require the use of an IGZO screen and the application of GOA (Gate IC on Array) technology, which would be crucial for making the device’s borders as narrow as possible. AUO’s GM (Paul Pen) and Vice President (Dagang Wu) stressed the importance of the two aforementioned technologies for today’s mobile products, and maintained the company’s full commitment to using them for their “first tiered” clients. Given that the manufacturing company, as stated by UDN, is apparently responsible for developing its own IGZO technology, the company will apparently have little trouble with any patent related issues.

The news of the future iPad mini comes at a time when consumers are apparently going nuts over the miniature tablet, despite the recent reports suggesting that the queues have not been as monstrous as expected. Even with the glowing reviews and praises, some are disappointed by the iPad mini’s lack of a retina display resolution and a consumer friendly price tag. The former is certain to receive a major upgrade in the periods to follow, if the news surrounding AUO’s development is true. The price point, on the other hand, will also likely receive a substantial growth of its own, given the potential manufacturing costs and Apple’s refusal to resort to low pricing strategies.