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Driverless public buses to hit the streets of Singapore by 2020

12 Apr Autonomous-bus-prototype-542x768

By Kajal Joshi, The Tech Portal

Singapore has been rolling out several key initiatives as a part of the nation’s Smart Mobility 2030 vision of a smart transportation network. As a result, it is seen strengthening its leadership in the development of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. The government has encouraged the driverless cars to operate, and now it is keen to see autonomous public bus services hit the roads. (more…)

Opportunities: Next Emerging LED Markets

18 Feb shutterstock_414040072-624x450

LEDs have become mainstream lighting applications. In recent years, market penetration rate of LED lighting has increased rapidly, and in 2016 the downtrend in prices became less noticeable. However, market growth has slowed, suggesting that global demand has become uneven.  (more…)

Taiwan’s Delta Electronics Unveils Latest Industrial Robots

5 Sep 2016-09-01-18.02.011-624x423

Delta Electronics, Taiwan’s leading power management solutions provider, unveiled its latest vertical multi-joint robot and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCARA) industrial robot at the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition on Sept. 1. (more…)

TrendForce Expects Sluggish Growth for Hepatitis B Drug Market with 2015~2023 CAGR at 0.4%

31 Aug 5748419806_789a66c65f_z-624x388

The scale of the global hepatitis B drug market was around US$2.15 billion in 2015 and is forecast to grow slowly at a CAGR of just 0.4% to US$2.2 billion in 2023, according to the latest biotechnology report from the global market research firm TrendForce. (more…)

TrendForce Reports Market for Lithium Batteries Used in IT Products Reached Equilibrium in Second Quarter

11 Aug 15894909140_bc4de7f7f2_z

China’s new energy policies are driving the country’s domestic market for lithium batteries used in plug-in vehicles (xEVs). The strong demand from the xEV application has put pressure on the supply lithium batteries used in IT products. (more…)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Drops More Hints on a ‘Top Secret Masterplan’ for Future Electric Cars

13 Jul tesla-model-x-suv-600x400

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

And the world goes haywire because of a tweet(again!!), as Tesla CEO Elon Musk puts forth his intentions of publishing Part 2 of his ‘Top Secret Tesla Masterplan’. This means that we could soon get some inside scoop on new projects which are in the works, but not ready for unveiling. (more…)

Tencent to Produce Drones with Shenzhen-based Partner

6 Jan 18669948722_1592bb7b9a_z-624x416

Tencent Holdings is venturing into drone technologies as it announced Tuesday it has signed a deal with a Shenzhen-based hardware maker to jointly develop unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). (more…)

New GSMA Report Reveals Global Economic Benefits of an L-band Mobile Allocation

2 Nov tech image

The GSMA has published a new report outlining the global socio-economic benefits that could be realised with the identification of L-band spectrum (1350-1400MHz/1427-1518MHz) for mobile services during the international treaty negotiations at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15). (more…)

Western Union Celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Africa

30 Jul africa

Western Union Company, a leader in global payment services, today celebrated its 20th anniversary in Africa. With over 34,000 locations and connections to millions of bank accounts and mobile wallets in more than 50 countries and territories, across Africa, the Western Union network serves millions of senders and receivers with a choice of 120 currencies. (more…)

Android One launched in Turkey

13 May Android One_Hero Image

The smart phone market is maturing. Every cell phone maker try to find new buyers and keep earning revenue. The internet giant Google is working on it too. According to the announcement from Android One blog, Google partners with Turkish mobile carrier, prividing entry-level smart phone with better specs than expected. (more…)