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Heliae Development, LLC And Syndel Laboratories, Ltd. Announce Distribution Partnership Of Nymega DHA Aquaculture Feed Ingredient

23 Feb tech image

Heliae and Syndel today announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement to supply the aquaculture market with Nymega, a new DHA precision formulation ingredient for feed formulators. (more…)

Striiv and LifeQ Create Revolutionary Wrist Based Body Monitoring Platform

22 Feb LQ_LifeStyle

Striiv and LifeQ have announced their program to jointly develop a high-scale, low-friction & personalized health information platform for the corporate wellness, insurance, care provider and pharmaceutical industries. (more…)

General Motors and Lyft Could Introduce Thousands of Self-Driving Cars Next Year

22 Feb Logo_of_General_Motors.svg_-990x985

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

When will self-driving cars finally hit the road in strength? That is a question that can have many answers. Some say that they wont here here for a decade yet while others, are talking about getting them on the road within a couple of years. GM could be among the latter as rumors purporting that the vehicle manufacturer will launch thousands of autonomous cars through Lyft as early as next year, have surfaced.


Strong Growth Predicted for Asia Data Center Market

22 Feb tech image

BroadGroup, the international event company suggests in new research that the market in Asia continues to expand with growth in capacity and power availability across all countries over the next three years, included in the study. In countries such as Malaysia, growth could be as high as 36%. Outsourcing to third party data centers by companies local to the region is also expected to be sustained. The firm also points to Industry estimates which suggest that around 70 hyperscale data centers are planned for deployment in Asia over the next 3 years. (more…)

Apple Patents Fingerprint-Reading Touchscreen without Sensor

18 Feb apple-newest-tech-portal-e1439821309618
First revealed by AppleInsider, Apple has been awarded a US patent on Tuesday, suggesting that the company is exploring display technology that embeds Micro LEDs and an IR diode to read users’ fingerprints without a dedicated Touch ID sensor. This new design feature may shed lights on its iPhone 8.


Australia’s Sharing Economy to Grow over the Next Five Years

16 Feb ebay

By Shaistha Khan, The Tech Portal

According to results of November RateSetter Sharing Economy Trust Index (RSETI), Australia’s sharing economy is anticipated to reach AU$55 billion over the next five years. (more…)

Jotun Launches Unique High Temperature Coating Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic for Increasing Demands of Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

16 Feb tech image

Jotun is setting a new standard in coatings for hydrocarbon processing facilities with the launch of Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic, an innovative coating solution that can be applied to surfaces with temperatures reaching 1000ºC. This increased tolerance (previous advanced coatings offered a maximum endurance of 650ºC) is tailor-made for an industry where a shift to higher temperature operations is helping optimise processing and productivity. (more…)

Elon Musk Talks about Brain-Computer Interfaces Again

16 Feb elon-musk-new-featured-tech-portal

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

It is surprising how many things Elon Musk can have running through his head at the same time. He is heavily involved in building futuristic cars, autopilot technologies, solar powered walls, reusable rockets and a civilization on Mars — among other things. One of his latest ideas had to do with a direct interface between the human brain and the computer and he had occasion to reiterate it on Monday. (more…)

Sony Electronics Announces Pricing and Availability Details on New Premium 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs

15 Feb Sony_Electronics___XBR_X930E_4K_HDR_Ultra_HD_TV_superhero

Sony Electronics announced pricing and availability details today on its newest lineup of 4K HDR Ultra HD televisions, the XBR-X800E, XBR-X850E, XBR-X900E and the XBR-X930E/XBR-X940E series. All are available for pre-sale today from Best Buy and other authorized dealers nationwide and will be available in stores in March 2017. (more…)

Tesla Granted Patent for Charging Metal-Air Battery Packs, Could Better Charging Rate and Distance

15 Feb tesla-e1486984458314

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Elon Musk-backed Tesla Inc., formerly known as Tesla Motors Inc., has become the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer across the globe. Since its vehicles are all-electric, they run on massive battery packs placed in the wheelbase under the interiors. The company is said to heavily rely on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are being manufactured at their huge Nevada-based Gigafactory. (more…)