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LG to Deliver AI-Powered after-Sales Services for Smartphone Users, to Roll Out by Q1’17

11 Jan lg-logo-600x384

By Simran Agarwal, The Tech Portal

LG’s pace was commendable at the recently ended show, CES 2017. But the announcements by the company didn’t end with the closing of the show. The company recently announced about adapting machine learning and big data analytics technology for its after-sales service. The idea behind the remote service is to minimize the visits to physical service centers by the customers for petty problems. (more…)

A10 Networks and Cisco Work Together to Prevent SSL Attacks

10 Jan a10-taiwan-2017-624x481

With growing importance of HTTPS connections among websites and Internet users, the number of websites using SSL for secure connections has increased. (more…)

Robotics Creator ROOBO Unveils AI Companion Robot for Kids

9 Jan 42osgnx3

An adorable, small robot that can answer those innumerable ‘why” questions from young children is unveiled at CES by global technology intelligence platform ROOBO. (more…)

IBM and Illumina Partner to Standardize Genomic Data Interpretation

9 Jan IBM-LOGO-624x414

IBM Watson Health and Illumina, Inc. have announced a groundbreaking partnership to expand access to genome data interpretation by integrating Watson for Genomics into Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence  Hub and tumor sequencing process. The collaboration is designed to help standardize and simplify genomic data interpretation. (more…)

Google Reveals Mystery Go Player Who Defeated Leading Players, and You Know Who “It” Is

7 Jan go_board_hoge_rielen_belgiumedit_fcb981-768x462

By Rohit Singh Jain, The Tech Portal

For the past week, a mysterious player nicknamed ‘Master’ had been logging onto the Go servers and battling it out with some of the most renowned names in the Go playing community. Even more surprisingly, the player also emerged as the undisputed winner of the 50 or so games it played. Unsurprisingly, people were surprised. (more…)

Baidu’s Little Fish Home Robot Can Emulate Amazon Echo

7 Jan amazon-new-featured-tp-e1446050566277

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Google and Amazon are really the only two major players we know of in the Personal, home assistant space. While Amazon has its Echo, Dot and Tap devices, Google entered the field relatively recently with its Google Home. Well, the arena now has a Chinese player as well. Chinese giant Baidu, is building the Xiaoyu Zaijia (“Little Fish”) family robot in partnership with AiNemo. (more…)

Audio Analytic Showcases Artificial Audio Intelligence for Smart Home Devices at CES 2017

5 Jan money 2

Audio Analytic, the Artificial Intelligence company addressing sound recognition for the Smart Home, will be demonstrating a range of new features for its ai3™ platform at CES 2017 (5 – 8 Jan). (more…)

Asus Comes up with the VivoPC X, VR Ready Compact Desktop

5 Jan asus-logo-990x446

Virtual Reality is the new viral technology. The speed at which the tech has been developing over the past couple of years, and the way it has come to form an important part of the round-the-corner future, is unprecedented. (more…)

Ayzenberg Group Launches Tools Of Influence, Harnessing Power Of AI And Machine Learning For Brands

5 Jan tech image

Data-driven marketing is swiftly becoming a cornerstone for the industry. (more…)

Asus’s Zenbo Gets Off to a Strong Start

4 Jan 2016-12-21_160358-624x439

If early sales are a sign of things to come, Asus’s Zenbo robot is going to sell extremely well. Taiwanese media reported Wednesday that orders for more than 1,000 units of Zenbo were received on the Asus website Sunday less than 5 minutes after preorder sales began. (more…)