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Addition of Nanodiamond Can Stabilize Lithium-ion Battery

6 Sep

In the wake of the explosion of Samsung Note 7 mobile phone and a number of mobile phones catching fire in recent years, lithium-ion battery safety has become a major issue for the mobile-phone industry. (more…)

GCL-Poly’s Diamond Wire Sawing Cost Drops 8% in Half a Year; 10.6 GW of Silicon Chip Prices are Reduced to Make the Downstream Gain 4.0 Billion

6 Sep

GCL-Poly, the leading company of polysilicon and silicon chips around the world, announced its sales performance of 1H17 at night on August 30th. (more…)

Breakthrough Made for PSCs

5 Sep

A technological breakthrough has been attained recently, greatly facilitating the commercialization of perovskite solar cells (PSCs). (more…)

BIG SUN’s iPV Tracker builds further & stronger momentum

4 Sep

By 2021, solar tracker installations will grow to an amount of 37.7 gigawatts and account for nearly half of all ground-mount solar systems, according to GTM Research. The booming of this niche market is self-evident since Warren Buffett is also taking the lead in investing in the Dual Axis Tracking system. (more…)

GCL-SI Displays Its Solar Energy Expertise at Intersolar South America 2017

1 Sep

GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL-SI), a subsidiary of the world’s leading energy group, GCL, is currently displaying its range of solar products and technologies at Intersolar South America 2017 in Sao Paulo, which is the largest solar exhibition and conference in the area. (more…)

Technological Breakthrough Achieved for Recharging Zinc-Air Battery

23 Aug

The dominant status of lithium-ion batteries on the market may face a stern challenge from zinc-air batteries (or zinc-air fuel cells), thanks to a recent technological breakthrough for the recharging of the latter. (more…)

Effect of Extensive Power Outage on Hi-tech Industry

18 Aug

On 4:51 p.m., Aug. 15, the six generators of Taipower’s Tatan natural gas-fired thermal power plant tripped altogether, suspending 4 million kilowatts of power supply at once, which caused extensive power outage covering Taipei city, Taoyuan city, Hsinchu county/city, Changhua county, and Nantou county. The Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), however, remained intact, operating normally, according to the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau (HSPB). (more…)

My Name Is Shen and That Is the Way I Manage the Company! Thunder Power Promises to Release EV as Scheduled in 2019 Regardless of Rumors

16 Aug

Due to its status as an OTC-listed company and the negative rumors from the market, the board chairman and founder of Thunder Power Holdings Limited Wei Shen is careful with his responses when interviewed by media in order to not be caught by monitoring institutions like the SFI. However, Shen still responds to the media’s questions with great confidence. (more…)

Tesla Is Sure to Increase the Capacity of Model 3 by Raising US$1.5 Billion

11 Aug

On August 7, 2017, EV manufacturer Tesla claimed that they will raise US$1.5 billion in a bond offering to increase the capacity of Model 3. According to Tesla’s financial report, the company’s expense of Q2 in 2017 reached up to US$1.16 billion. (more…)

TSEC Works with DuPont to Cooperate and Develop Technologies of Solar Module

9 Aug

TSEC and DuPont signed the agreement of cooperation of solar module technologies on August 4th. The cooperation covers the testing of solar modules with high effectiveness, high reliability, and durability, and the application of modules in different climate conditions. (more…)