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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Visits Ford as Part of His “Year of Travel Challenge”


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has visited Ford Motor Company as part of his “Personal Year of Travel Challenge” to get out and talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future. (more…)

Facebook Is Really Betting Big on the Use of Augmented Reality through Smartphones

21 Apr facebook-f8-mark-768x390

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Facebook is looking to move ahead of Snapchat’s augmented reality efforts by bringing in developers into the loop to help out with the development of its AR experiences and filters with the use of its new Camera Effects platform. (more…)

Facebook Messenger Now Has Over 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users

15 Apr facebook-messenger-new-the-tech-portal-featured-600x254

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Getting 200 million new active users would be a feat worthy of celebration for any company. Indeed, there are very, very few platforms, websites or companies that can claim as much. (more…)

Oculus Is Facing Yet Another Patent Infringement Lawsuit, This Time for Its 3D Imaging Tech

11 Apr facebook-oculus-mark-zuckerberg-1320x947

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Facebook’s VR division Oculus is finding it difficult to distance from court battles, of late. While the ZeniMax lawsuit is far from over, the company has now been slapped with yet another lawsuit over the 3D imaging technology incorporated in their Rift VR headsets. It has been filed by a lesser-known competitor called Techno View IP Inc. in the Delaware federal court on Thursday. (more…)

Oculus Receives Facebook Live Streaming and Voice Search in a Brand New Update

14 Mar facebook-oculus-mark-zuckerberg-1320x947

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

A really huge advantage both Facebook and Oculus have over their competitors in the VR sphere, is their association with each other. While the former can provide the latter with funds, Oculus can help Facebook build the next social network — a social network that uses VR in copious amounts. (more…)

Facebook Says It Is Still Getting Started with Regards to Combating Fake News

17 Feb 6856181503_5b87b73925_o

Last year saw a lot of fake news emerge on Facebook. While the more occasional ones that are intentionally published as jokes are fine, users were not amused once fake news started crossing a certain point and flooding their feeds. And once claims that fake news could have led to Donald Trump’s election as president surfaced, it was bedlam. Jokes apart though, the company has been working hard to rein in fake news. However, it has not had much luck yet. (more…)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Joins List of People Speaking Out against Immigration Ban

3 Feb Women as the Way Forward: Sheryl Sandberg

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

The Facebook COO, who has been known as a vocal proponent of various causes, has been surprisingly silent over the past couple of weeks. Statements were expected over the women’s march and also over Trump’s recent ban over immigration and yet, there were none to be found. Well, almost a week after the issue first surface, Sheryl Sandberg has added her voice to the growing chorus from tech leaders. (more…)

Facebook Could be Working on an App to Bring Its Videos to the Telly

3 Feb facebook-hardware-lab

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

As per reports, Facebook is working on an App that could allow it to bring videos to your TV. Yup, you heard us right. The social networking platform is apparently working on an App that could allow users to stream Facebook content directly on their set top boxes — such as Apple TV. (more…)

Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results

2 Feb facebook-new-tp-featured-e1446750787478-600x300

Facebook, Inc. today reported financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2016.

“Our mission to connect the world is more important now than ever,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “Our business did well in 2016, but we have a lot of work ahead to help bring people together.”


Mark Zuckerberg Urges Caution over Trump’s Executive Orders, Talks about “Keeping Doors Open”

31 Jan Mark-Zuckerberg

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

President Trump’s recent executive orders, in which he made some significant changes to how the US deals with unauthorized immigrants, along with setting the wheels in motion for a wall along the US-Mexico border have managed to draw comment from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a post on the social media platform he founded, Zuckerberg advised caution and talked about “Keeping doors open”. (more…)