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Google starts testing ‘Instant Tethering’ on Chrome OS Canary, to make official debut soon

6 Jun google-chromebook-990x354

By Kajal Joshi, The Tech Portal

Google had rolled out the Instant Tethering feature earlier this year. The feature eases the process of switching on and connecting to a tethered connection. It had been available for selected devices including the Pixel lineup and Nexus phones or tablets. (more…)

Google’s Waymo kicks off early testing of self-driving trucks: Report

5 Jun waymo-google-new-e1493107593981-990x616

By  Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

With self-driving vehicles slated to become a definite reality in the next couple years, the tech and automobile giants are no longer only looking to outfit cars with this technology. Some of these, like Uber and Waymo, have already kicked off on-road public trials of these cars and now plan on introducing the same autonomous capabilities in semi-trucks as well. (more…)

Google Search adds new ‘Personal’ tab to showcase only your content results

29 May google-new-logo-tp-featured-600x315

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Being the biggest search engine does have its perks. Google has amassed a treasuretrove of data about the most random thing that we not be able to think about right at this instant.


Google, Amazon and eBay Quietly Abandon Support for Their Apple Watch Apps

4 May apple-may-watch-tp-featured-768x360

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Though you may have not noticed but a handful of iOS applications from leading tech bigwigs have quietly nixed support for the Apple Watch. A fresh report from AppleInsider mentions that Google Maps, Amazon and eBay have killed support for Apple’s smartwatch just recently, without any explanation to the users in their iOS app change-log. They also didn’t provide a date for their return — if they ever plan on making a turnaround. (more…)

Google Crowned as India’s Most Attractive Employer, Amazon & ITC Bag Sector-Specific Awards

30 Apr Screenshot-140-1024x576

By Simran Agarwal, The Tech Portal

As per a recent survey by Dutch HR consulting firm Randstad, Google India is currently the most attractive employer brand in the country — an outcome similar to last year. This further increases attraction towards Google in the job market, making it stand out of the competition. Its investments towards employer branding are certainly apparent through such reports, which help the tech giant retain and attract the right kind of talent. (more…)

Google Has Launched a Brand New Platform for Chrome WebVR Experiences

15 Apr google-daydream-vr-990x495

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Google wants you to experience VR like never before. The company has time and again said that it wants everyone to experience VR and that was one of the biggest reasons behind the launch of WebVR. The company has now launched a brand new platform called Web VR Experiments, that will act as a home to all of the virtual reality content Google has made available for its users up until now. (more…)

Google’s Next Pixel Smartphone to Feature a Curved OLED Display from LG: Report

12 Apr screenshot-76-990x557

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Google’s own-brand smartphone strategy to take on biggies, including Samsung and Apple, has paid off big time. It has now been over six months since the release of the first Pixel smartphone and we’re now hearing chatter about the next iteration of the device. (more…)

Google’s Smart Messaging App Allo Now Lets You Host Polls

7 Apr google-allo-messaging-768x369

By Simran Agarwal, The Tech Portal

Even after being a smart messaging app developed by Google itself, ‘Allo’ has not been able to appeal the masses. Over the past month, the company has been trying to incorporate new features to entice users. In order to hit the headlines once again, a minor feature has now been introduced, allowing users to create polls in conversations. (more…)

Google Allo Can Reportedly Leak Your Web Search Results to Friends via Google Assistant

17 Mar google-allo-messaging-990x475

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Google Allo debuted as a quirky and fun consumer-focused mobile messaging app at Google I/O earlier last year. It has since bagged a slew of feature and improvement updates, but the hottest feature of the app still remains its Google Assistant integration. But, the said integration could leak your personal web searches to your friends in between a conversation, reports Recode. (more…)

Google Has Confirmed Its Kaggle Acquisition

10 Mar google-new-logo-tp-featured-768x403

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Google has finally confirmed its Kaggle acquisition. Rumors of the same first surfaced yesterday and now, they have been substantiated as well. Google announced the acquisition at its Google Cloud Next conference this morning in San Francisco. (more…)