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Top App Development Company Hyperlink Infosystem CEO Talks about the Growth & Trends of Mobile App Development in the Year 2017

1 Dec

The thriving rise in smartphone users all across the globe has also led a sudden push in the number of apps that people use in their day to day life. There are millions of apps available on Google Play & Apple App store and these numbers are not going to slow down anytime soon. Today most of the business targets their presence on the mobile app platform to boost up their sales, to create the effective connection with users and lots more. (more…)

ARM VP: We Will Not Hear People Talking Much about IoT over the Next Few Years, But We Will Live in the IoT Era

8 Oct

The rise of the IoT is making smart cities and smart homes possible. Tech News is glad to have the opportunity to talk with Zack Shelby, ARM VP. Shelby discusses how ARM is assisting developers to use the mBed platform and develop related IoT products. (more…)

Digital Taipei 2015: Interview with GSiMedia

21 Sep

GSiMedia is a global provider of security solutions and platforms for businesses that supply digital movies, TV shows, music, and more. The company also designs and sells unique SD solutions featuring personal storage identification systems.

TechNews has recently had the privilege of meeting with GSiMedia’s Platform Chief Technology Officer Yu He Lin and Chief Director Margaret Lin to discuss the company’s existing product solutions and future business strategies. (more…)

Exclusive Interview with Robi’s Creator Tomotaka Takahashi: Smart Devices Should Become People’s Trusting Companions

27 Apr

On the stage, a hundred voice-controlled miniature humanoid robots were assembled in front of a group of curious onlookers. At command, these robots rose up from their sitting position and began to dance. They swung their arms and shook their hips in unison with the music. These robots could even do count-offs and Mexican waves smoothly. “Robi” as these adorable robots are called, are from Japan and their ability to perform synchronized routines as a team has delighted audiences everywhere. (more…)

Apple prepping up for a major India push, may set up a development center within the country

9 Mar

News source: Deepanshu Khandelwal, The Tech Portal

If there’s one virtual rule which has been created in the tech scenario as a whole, it is this : You’ve got to have a major presence in India. While many major tech companies now operate quite a whole lot of their operations via India, Apple has remained rather hesitant in doing any major business within or from India. Well, that might just change. (more…)

Cost of Samsung GALAXY Note 4 higher than iPhone 6 Plus: report

13 Oct

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 hit the Taiwan market on Oct. 9 and TechInsights has completed disassembling the handset and providing a cost analysis. (more…)

WWDC 2014: iOS 8 Adds New QuickType and Health Features, Releases More APIs, and a New Programming Language, Swift

2 Jun

After Apple introduced its Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite during the first half of WWDC 2014, it quickly entered the climatic second half of the Keynote. The next generation iOS 8 subsequently released more APIs to developers worldwide, as well as a new programming language, “Swift”. (more…)

Mobile Payments and Searches Pose Great Business Prospects: Baidu

11 May

Zhang Zhenghua, general manager of Baidu’s payment branch Baifubao, said recently that mobile payments face a much more complicated market than traditional online payments. Search providers are in increasing correlation with online payment services, he said at a financial forum in the 2014 Global Mobile Internet Conference. According to Zhang, Baidu sees vast business opportunities in the sector as there is a potential demand for online payments behind 65 percent of mobile search. (more…)

China’s Smartphone Shipments Beginning to Slow Down: IDC

16 Feb

Despite having the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile market, China’s smartphone shipments do not appear to be holding up as strongly as many have hoped. (more…)

Ruckus: LTE will Increase Demand for Wi-Fi, Not Replace It

9 Feb

With Taiwan set to adopt LTE at some point in the future, more and more people are beginning to question the utility of Wi-Fi technology and wonder whether it will eventually be replaced. Ruckus, a company specializing in providing wireless services and solutions, is not so pessimistic: In a recent interview with TechNews, Steven Huang, leader of Ruckus’ Taiwan division, indicated that LTE technology will not only not destroy Wi-Fi, it will also increase its demand considerably. (more…)