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Acer Looking to Implement New Adjustment Strategies, Focus on Cloud

5 Feb

Taiwanese PC hardware manufacturer Acer may be having a tough time rebounding from its  quarterly  losses, but that hasn’t necessarily stopped it from grouping together and finding ways to adjust to the increasingly competitive mobile market. (more…)

Doubts Cast on Lenovo’s Purchase of Motorola

4 Feb

Not everyone appears to be as optimistic towards the prospects of Lenovo’s $US 2.9 billion Motorola acquisition as the Chinese company’s CEO is, according to a recent article from Businessweek. (more…)

Lenovo to Partner with Sony following Motorola Acquisition?

4 Feb

Lenovo doesn’t appear to have any plans to stop its aggressive expansion just yet. After successfully acquiring IBM’s low-end x86 server division and Google’s Motorola smartphone business for nearly US$ 3 billion, the Chinese PC manufacturer, currently the largest in the world, now has another potential target on its mind: Sony’s VAIO PC business. (more…)

Market Watchers Optimistic about Mediatek’s 2014 Shipments

27 Jan

Mediatek’s chip shipments are likely to grow by approximately 25 % in 2014 thanks to the expanding mid to low-end mobile industries and the increasing smartphone usage in China, according to various industry watchers. (more…)

Taiwanese Tech Industry to Take Part in 3D Printing Revolution

27 Jan

More and more companies in Taiwan will be taking steps to accelerate the tech industry’s 3D printing revolution, Forbes’ Ralph Jennings reports. (more…)

China Smartphone Market Becoming Saturated, Study Finds

24 Jan

The China smartphone market is about to be a lot more difficult to do business in as the industry becomes more and more crowded, a recent series of studies suggest. (more…)

China’s Electronic Counterfeiters Not Yet Showing Interest in Wearable Computers

23 Jan

If the number of counterfeiters attracted is any indication of an emerging product’s success, then wearable computing companies might want to watch out. As noted in a recent article from CNN, wearable gadgets such as Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear are not only failing to generate enough hype in China, they’re also being overlooked by the country’s biggest counterfeit manufacturers. (more…)

Report: Lenovo Likely to Purchase Server Division of IBM

20 Jan

Chinese PC maker Lenovo is currently in talks with International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) to purchase its x86 server hardware business, and an agreement could be reached as early as February, an anonymous source told Businessweek. (more…)

Blackberry to Restore Enterprise Focus, according to CEO

8 Jan

Despite the company’s recent financial troubles and organizational shakeups, Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen, appears more determined than ever to bring the company back on its feet. Speaking to Computerworld in a recent interview, Chen revealed a number of key goals that he believes will be helpful to the company, including getting in touch with the developing markets and gaining the trust of consumers on the business end. (more…)

BBC: Chinese Government to Allow Gaming Consoles to be Sold in the Country

8 Jan

China will be lifting its ban on video game consoles starting this year and allow them to be manufactured in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone, a recent BBC report says. The ban lift comes as a major blessing to companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, all of which have recently begun promoting new gaming devices on the market. (more…)