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IoT Software Solutions Provider MicroEJ Expands to Tackle U.S. Smart Device Market

5 Oct

The explosion of smart things, such as connected home appliances or fitness and healthcare wearables, comes with equal demand for the software that powers these devices. But this burgeoning production means that the challenges of embedded IoT software development —hardware fragmentation, long iteration cycles, daunting bills of materials, etc.—are rearing their ugly heads now more than ever. (more…)

unitech Expands IoT Platforms, Riding the Trend of Industry 4.0

7 Jul

When Industry 4.0 moved beyond a high-tech plan by the German government and became an inevitable trend in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, how to utilize their own advantages in riding the trend has become a major market strategy for many Taiwanese businesses. (more…)

Strengthening European microelectronics: Infineon launches “IoSense” pilot lines project in Dresden

19 May

One of the most important European pilot line projects for sensors and sensor systems has been launched today at the Dresden site of Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY). The project, named IoSense is derived from the “ Internet of Sensors”. The Internet of Things (IoT) will require vast quantities of sensors in order to succeed. Cost-effective production of sensor systems is, therefore, a key prerequisite as they enable devices and systems to capture and process the properties of the physical world. (more…)

New Premier Vows to Boost Taiwan’s IoT Industry

25 Mar

Premier-designate Lin Chuan on Thursday said he would take proactive steps to help develop the IoT and smart city industries in Taiwan after the new administration takes office May 20. “We view the IoT field as an important economic growth driver for the nation… We think Taiwan needs new industry to create more job opportunities and business potential,” Lin told reporters. (more…)

Verdigris Raises $9M to bring IOT to Commercial Facilities

24 Mar

Verdigris, whose IOT platform helps commercial facilities avoid downtime and reduce energy consumption, has raised $9M in financing. The recent funding which completed in December 2015 includes Jabil Circuit, Stanford-StartX Fund, Capital, Data Collective and angel investors. (more…)

Four Themes to be Highlighted at Computex 2016

23 Mar

There will be four themes highlighted at Computex this year: games, the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and business solutions as the world’s second-largest computer show works to broaden its scope, according to Taiwanese media. (more…)

Nokia Earmarks $350 Million For The Emerging Internet Of Things Sector

23 Feb

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Nokia Growth Partners has announced a brand new fund that is aimed specifically at the Internet of Things. And guess what? The fund is sponsored exclusively by Nokia, making it even clearer that the erstwhile cellphone giant is seriously looking to cash in the IoT sector. (more…)

Major Tech Companies Including Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Intel Form Open Connectivity Foundation, An IoT Standards Group

22 Feb

By  Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

Several major tech companies in the market have joined forces and have founded a new cluster to unify standards, “create IoT solutions and devices that work seamlessly together,” stated a press release by The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) on Friday. (more…)

Internet of Things: Legrand is Participating in the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas

7 Jan

Convinced that the Internet of Things is opening up a new era for connected buildings and having launched the Eliot program in 2015, Legrand is today announcing its participation in the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. (more…)

Unitech Enters the IoT Era

29 Dec

As IoT is expected to become a defining force in the world of technology, many companies are rushing to gain a first-mover’s advantage in different sectors. Logistics is one sector in which many companies are vying for a foothold in IoT. (more…)