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TrendForce Presents Latest Analysis (Updated March 2020) of COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Global High-Tech Industries

6 Apr

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate and cause damage to the global economy and consumers’ purchasing power, TrendForce has compiled its latest report on the statuses of key electronics component and downstream industries, with data last updated on March 26, 2020. (more…)

Foundry Revenue Estimated to Grow by 30% YoY in 1Q20, while COVID-19 Pandemic May Hinder Future Market Demand, Says TrendForce

23 Mar

The latest investigations by TrendForce show that the foundry industry benefitted from the previous quarter’s order fulfillment and client stock-up demands, with overall projected revenue undergoing a slight 2% dip QoQ but about 30% growth YoY in 1Q20 due to the comparatively lower 1Q19 base period. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic causes repercussions in global markets, and the economy enters a corresponding slowdown, the foundry industry now faces major uncertainties on the demand side, possibly slowing the industry’s future growth momentum. (more…)

Micro-Mobility Leader, Helbiz, Awarded Permit to Operate e-Bikes in Washington, D.C.

12 Dec

Helbiz, a global leader in micro-mobility, has was awarded a one-year permit by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to operate its fleet of dockless electric bicycles in Washington, D.C. Among a highly competitive field of applicants, Helbiz was selected due to its commitment to safe and responsible deployment, as well as its innovative technology and workforce development approach. The company will begin rolling out its fleet of nearly two thousand e-bikes throughout the city on January 1, 2020. (more…)

Converting Organic Waste Into Fertilizer in 3 Hours

6 Oct

Once chemical fertilizers damage the soil nutrient balance, it takes twice as long to restore soil fertility and the land will not produce good crops, doing more harm than good. Concerned with the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the global agriculture industry, Dr. Chiu-Chung Young, an academician of Academia Sinica, spent more than ten years developing special enzymes that can quickly convert organic waste into odorless organic fertilizer, encouraging farmers to return to nature and maintain the vitality of the land. The fertilizer factory is currently under construction and expected to be completed and commissioned this year. (more…)

Chinese PV-Cell Makers Foray Into the Japanese Market

12 Sep

Chinese PV-cell makers are gearing up to foray into the Japanese market, whose demands for PV power have been expanding for five straight quarters. (more…)

World’s Largest Energy Storage System Scheduled for Launch in 2025

12 Sep

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS) has officially joined hands with the Utah state government and Magnum Development of the U.S. in building a 1 GW energy storage system in salt caverns, which is scheduled for inauguration in 2025. (more…)

Multi-Power Systems Can Help Prevent Disruptions of Power Outages

26 Aug

As the occurrence of power outages have become increasing common, a growing number of people have begun to call for the establishment of reliable multi-power supply systems that can help to prevent the disruptions caused by blackouts. (more…)

NREL Develops New Technology That Will Slash PV Cell Costs

20 Aug

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the U.S. has recently developed an improved process of epitaxy which can potentially increase the production speeds of GaAs by 20 times. This may help to cut the costs of III-V PV cells to US$0.2-0.8/watt. (more…)

Topmore Ventures into E-sports – Unveiling the New Professional Gaming Mouse DACA GM-100

14 Aug

Topmore has established the professional brand “Topmore Gaming” in the e-sports market. Topmore had launched the professional gaming mouse DACA GM-100 in July this year. The ergonomic design provides great comfort and slip-resistant grip experience to user. With precised accuracy and outstanding performance, the mouse is the best gadget made for players! (more…)

Worldwide Server Shipments to Peak in 2020 Due to Business-Transforming 5G Technology, Says TrendForce

30 Apr

According to DRAMeXchange , a division of TrendForce , the global server market is predicted to continue growing in 2019, but under the pressures of business cycles and worldwide uncertainty, this year’s server shipment growth has shrunk slightly compared to 2018, coming to 3.9%. (more…)