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Apacer Launches the World’s First 32-Bit DDR4 SODIMM Overcomes the Restrictions of Built-in Memory, Upturning the ARM Processor Market

14 Nov

In view of the current trend in which ARM technology drives the development of Internet of Things (IoT), mobile computing and automotive electronics, and the demands for economical, efficient and compact smart devices, Apacer, the world’s leading industrial memory brand, launches the world’s first 32-Bit DDR4 SODIMM which supports industrial embedded systems using ARM/RISC processors or the latest RISC-V 32-bit processors. (more…)

One for all, all mobile devices powered by one USB PD Type C charger

3 Oct

Normally, the various ICT devices are designed with exclusive power supplies according to the design power, local supply mains of various places or the different sizes for the device charging hole. (more…)

TOPMORE Crystal Cube: Portable Bluetooth Speaker System for Rich Music Listening Experience

1 Oct


TOPMORE, Taiwan’s leading designer of high-end electronics, proudly presents Crystal Cube, a set of portable Bluetooth speakers that are held together by magnetic connection. (more…)

FSP Exhibits NanoGrid PV Inverters at Intersolar Europe 2018

21 Jun

FSP Technology Inc., a major power-supply manufacturer, will display a string of green-energy solutions, including micro-inverter, off-grid inverter, hybrid inverter (grid-connected/ off grid with energy storage), and Ion Mate/Ion Rack, at Intersolar Europe 2018, to be held in Munich of Germany from June 20-22. If you are interested in FSP’s products, please visit Booth No. B2.353. This is the third year in a row for FSP to attend the fair. FSP aims to penetrate even deeper into the European market, where it has deployed for over 20 years. (more…)

ASolid Makes a Successful Entry in the SSD Controller Market with the Highly Competitive AS2258 Solution

12 Jun

Following years of development in NAND Flash and digital storage technologies, SSDs are now widely accepted by consumers on account of their superior speed and reliability, which have been consistently improved since these devices first arrived on the market. At the same time, more and more electronic brands are also entering the SSD market. With the overall quality NAND Flash chips reaching maturity and making it hard to differentiate them, controller ICs now play a decisive role in determining the performances of SSDs. (more…)

A Decade of Expertise Has Given ASolid the Speed and Technical Advantages to Lead the NAND Flash Controller Market

5 Jun

Against the backdrop of the rise of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the digital economy is now entering a new phase where “information is king” and data storage has become a key battleground. Established a decade ago, ASolid Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on developing cutting-edge NAND Flash controllers and has already consolidated its position as the world’s largest controller solution provider for SD memory cards. ASolid is now moving on to striving for the next milestone as the company prepares to expand and extend its product lines to include solutions for USB, eMMC, and SSD controllers. Going forward, ASolid will meet current and future needs of the market with its speed and technical capability. (more…)

TOPMORE’s SATA 3.0 SSD Is the Premier Choice for PC Enthusiasts Looking for Great Values

29 Mar

The slide in SSD prices has been a boon for PC enthusiasts. Not to miss out on this market opportunity, TOPMORE – Taiwan’s leading designer of premium storage devices – is also launching an all-new series of SSDs featuring SATA 3.0. With the inclusion of SATA 3.0, which is the most widely supported interface for storage devices, TOPMORE aims to provide users the best performance at an economical price. (more…)

Meet Lightning Fast TOPMORE SATA III SSD – First Choice among PC Enthusiasts for High-End Storage

29 Mar

TOPMORE, Taiwan’s leading designer of high-end storage devices, is proud to announce that it is launching an all-new series of SSDs for the first time this year to meet the needs of the diverse range of users. (more…)

Philips and Samsung Team Up to Expand the Connected Health Ecosystem

12 Mar

Royal Philips , a global leader in health technology, and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. have announced plans for a strategic partnership to connect Samsung’s ARTIK Smart IoT Platform to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. (more…)

NAND Flash Revenue Rose by Just 6.8% QoQ in 4Q17, Traditional Off-Season Effects Will Continue to Influence Sales in 1Q18, Says TrendForce

7 Mar

During 4Q17, the yield rates of suppliers’ respective 3D-NAND processes climbed steadily, while smartphones remained the major demand contributor in peak season, according to DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. (more…)