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Toshiba Develops Next-Generation Lithium-ion Battery with New Anode Material

5 Oct

Toshiba Corporation, an industry leader in lithium-ion battery technology, has announced the development of its next-generation SCiB™, which uses a new material to double the capacity of the battery anode. The new battery offers high- energy density and the ultra-rapid recharging required for automotive applications, and will give a compact electric vehicle (EV) with a drive range of 320km*1 after only six minutes of ultra-rapid recharging—three times the distance possible with current lithium-ion batteries. (more…)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Releases N-channel MOSFET Driver ICs in Industry-Leading Small Package for Mobile and Consumer Applications

4 Oct

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced the launch of “TCK401G” (active-high[1]) and “TCK402G” (active-low[2]), N-channel MOSFET drivers that support an input voltage of up to 28V, making them suitable for quick-charging and other applications requiring high current supply. Volume shipment of the new MOSFET driver ICs starts today. (more…)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Adds New Three-Phase Brushless Fan Motor Controller IC Allowing Easy Switching to Multipolar Motor

2 Oct

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC) announced the launch of “TB67B054FTG,” a new three-phase brushless fan motor controller IC for home appliances, such as air conditioners and air purifiers, that realizes high efficiency drive and noise reduction. Mass production will start in November, 2017. (more…)

GCT Semiconductor Partners with Sigfox to Announce World’s First Hybrid (Cellular + Sigfox) Solution for Internet of Things (IoT)

2 Oct

On September 28, at Sigfox World IoT Expo 2017 in Prague, GCT Semiconductor, a leading designer and supplier of advanced 4G mobile semiconductor solutions, and Sigfox, the world’s leading provider of dedicated connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) announced their partnership. (more…)

Acromag’s New Ethernet Communication Modules Offer Optional Power Over Ethernet

28 Sep

Acromag announced today an addition to their PCIe-based AcroPack® modules, the AP580 Series. These mini boards provide a single Ethernet 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps port. An optional Power Over Ethernet (POE) model, AP580E-POE-LF, provides 52V DC and up to 10 watts of power to powered devices (PD). (more…)

TrendForce Says NAND Flash Market to Regain Balance in 2018 with Annual Bit Supply Growing by 42.9%

27 Sep

Demand has exceeded supply in the global NAND Flash market for six consecutive quarters since the third quarter of 2016, according to the latest research from DRAMeXchange, division of TrendForce. During this 2017, NAND Flash demand continues to expand because of the increase in average memory content of smartphones and the strong server market. At the same time, the growth in NAND Flash supply has been constrained by the pace of the major suppliers’ respective technology migrations, which in general have been slower than anticipated. (more…)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Adds New Line-up of High Speed Signal Transmission Photorelays with Industry’s Smallest Footprint

27 Sep

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC) has announced the launch of two high speed signal transmission photorelays, “TLP3475S” and “TLP3440S,” that realize the industry’s smallest footprint. Shipments start today. (more…)

Dell Boomi Adds Boomi Flow to its Unified Platform for Building The Connected Business

27 Sep

Dell Boomi (Boomi) announced an extension of its unified platform capabilities with the introduction of Boomi Flow, its new low-code development solution for building and deploying workflow applications. Boomi Flow aligns with Boomi’s flagship cloud integration technology to deliver the industry’s only unified cloud platform that orchestrates data, applications and business processes to help organizations run faster and smarter.


OT-Morpho Launches with CMBC the First Payment Card Featuring MOTION CODETM Dynamic CVV2 in China

26 Sep

OT-Morpho, a world leader in digital security and identification technologies, has announced that Chinese bank CMBC’s new Visa Signature credit card is the first one in China to feature MOTION CODETM, a technology developed by OT-Morpho to provide a higher security for internet transactions, considerably reducing the risk of online fraud. (more…)

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Launches Photocoupler with UVLO Function for Digital Control Switching Power Supplies and IPM Drive

25 Sep

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC) has announced the launch of “TLP2735,” a high speed IC photocoupler for MOSFET gate signal insulation and the company’s first to incorporate an under voltage lockout (UVLO) function. (more…)