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Is Apple Being Sued in a Beijing Court by a Defunct Chinese Smartphone Maker?

24 Jun

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the Chinese smartphone maker suing Apple in a patent dispute case in Beijing is nearly defunct. According to the Wall Street Journal, nobody answers phone calls to the company, Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co. Furthermore, its websites have been deleted. Journalists who attempted to visit the company’s three registered addresses did not locate any company offices. (more…)

Apple and Broadcom Sued by Caltech over Violation of Wi-Fi Chips’ Patent

1 Jun

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Apple seems to be having a particular run of bad luck with academic universities. After it was ordered by a Jury to pay the University of Wisconsin-Madison damages of a whooping $234 million last year for violating a patent involving processor performance, the company has run into fresh trouble with Caltech for using Wi-Fi chips that infringe some of it’s patent rights. (more…)

Apple Loses iPhone Legal Battle in China

5 May

Apple has lost a legal battle with a Chinese firm that a Beijing court says is allowed to use the iPhone name on wallets and handbags. (more…)

After Uber, Now Jugnoo Accuses Ola Of Unethical Business Practices, Threatens Legal Action

24 Mar

Things have started to get murkier for Ola as another company has accused India’s largest cab-hailing company of indulging in unfair practices to hurt competitor businesses. While Uber just yesterday drew Ola to court over fake accounts, it is the auto rickshaw aggregator Jugnoo this time, which has made exactly the same accusations — sans the legal action. (more…)

US Appeals Court Overturns Verdict Against Samsung, Terms Apple’s ‘Quick Links’ Patent Invalid

1 Mar

By Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

Samsung and Apple have been on it for a years now. The patent wars were mostly one-sided since the very beginning with Apple taking away most of the spoils of victory. Things changed in favour of Samsung on Friday when the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, DC overturned a decision against Samsung. (more…)

Apple Is Finally Paying $348 Million To The Italian Government For Evading Taxes, Hiding Profits

1 Jan

By Zuber Ahmad, The Tech Portal

Apple, which has been caught in the tax invasion scoop in Italy for over four years now, has agreed to pay the Italian tax department a sum of $348 million it owes for the period 2008-13. The tax evasion case was first brought to light in 2013, when Apple’s Italian arm – Apple Italia – was found to have evaded a staggering $1.3 billion in revenues from the tax authorities. (more…)

South Korea Says Qualcomm Violated Local Competition Law

20 Nov

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission has accused Qualcomm of violating local competition law in the way it licenses technology to customers. (more…)

Apple Emerges Victorious In Class Action Lawsuit By Its Retail Workers Over Bag Searches

10 Nov

By  Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

To prevent internal theft and such menaces, Apple for a long time now, has been adopting the policy of employee bag checking. This might seem alright from the Cupertino’s perspective but according to more than 12,000 current and former employees, who were hourly paid, non-exempt workers, the practice is demeaning and makes them feel like criminals. (more…)

Apple To Pay $234 Million As Penalties For Infringing WARF’s Patent

19 Oct

By Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

While Apple already knew that it has stepped into hot water, the Cupertino giant has been ordered to pay more than $234 million  as a penalty for infringing the patent registered to the University  of Wisconsin-Madison. (more…)

SPIL Takes ASE to Court Regarding Takeover

16 Oct

Siliconware Precision Industries Co. (SPIL) on Oct. 15 filed a lawsuit with Taiwan’s Kaohsiung District Court, arguing that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.’s (ASE’s) acquisition of a 25 percent stake in SPIL was not simply a financial investment and the deal should be nullified. (more…)