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What’s Different With the New Macbook’s USB Type-C?

7 Nov

Despite the fact that at the USB Implementers Forum, leading companies such as Apple and Intel have shown the public with their products that the USB Type-C specification will be the trend, before that comes true, users will have to go through the awkward transition phase. To fully embrace USB Type-C, users will have to cope with the inconvenience brought by the connector and the complicated transmission protocol. (more…)

Apple OS X 10.10.4 Update Enables TRIM Support for Third-Party SSDs

2 Jul

News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Upgrading older Macs with third-party solid-state drives (SSDs) has always been an exasperating task, all because of the lesser degree of support for the TRIM command for these drives on Apple’s OS X platform. However, the story-line is to receive some amendments now, with Apple adding TRIM support for third party SSDs through its new OS X 10.10.4 update (via AppleInsider). (more…)

Korean media: Samsung to make SSDs for MacBook Air

16 Mar

Is solid-state drive (SSD) becoming a standard in high-end laptop computers? The South Korean media reported that Samsung Electronics will fabricate SSDs for Apple’s MacBook Air with a total order value of up to billions of dollars, which can drive the South Korean company’s annual profit to a new high. (more…)

Why China’s two largest trainmakers merged

29 Jan

China’s two biggest trainmakers CSR Corporation Limited and CNR Corporation Limited said in a joint statement on December 30 that they plan to combine through a share swap, a move intended to increase exports of the country’s high-speed rail technology. As part of the agreement, CNR will withdraw from the HK Stock Exchange. The new name for the company after the merger is CRRC Corporation Limited. (more…)

iMac to be Equipped with SSDs in 2014, Resolution may reach 5K3K

7 Dec

The iMac can be said to be one of Apple’s most valued trademark products; even with the traditional desktop market being disrupted by Notebooks and tablets, the Cupertino giant remains adamant in its desire to continue the product line. In the recent periods, more and more rumors have emerged suggesting that the next series of iMacs will be equipped with SSDs, come in different sizes, and feature impressive resolution.


Big Numbers Anticipated for Apple’s New Macbooks

18 Jun

According to market signals picked up by TrendInsider, monthly shipment numbers for the new Macbook Air are anticipated to hover around 710 thousand units, while the numbers for the recently revealed Macbook Pro are expected to reach even higher grounds, with as many as 1.18 million units expected to be released per month. These figures amount to a combined total of roughly 2 million units, and will make Apple’s continuing impact and dominance in the notebook market all the more apparent.

Interestingly, some of the crucial components in Apple’s new line of notebooks, as noted by TrendInsider, come from well-known Korean manufacturers. The recent Macbook that sports the high 2880×1800 resolution, for example, is known to utilize Samsung’s 15.6-inch LCD panels. LGD’s 13.3-inch panels, on the other hand, can be found in the models that come with the 2560×1600 screen resolution.

Regardless of the recent surge of global economic problems and Windows 8’s anticipated arrival during the second half of 2012, the new notebooks announced from Apple are expected to retain their spotlight and presence in the computer market. What remains to be seen is whether the company’s new products can in fact fulfill the hype and achieve promising shipment figures upon their initial releases.