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Microsoft Ventures Launches Brand New Fund for AI Startups, Invests in Tact and Element AI

14 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Microsoft is betting big on AI. Cortana, the company’s various chatbots are all the proof you need to be realize the truth of that. It is now looking to ramp up its presence in the field in a big way and towards that, has announced a brand new fund focused on startups that work with Artificial Intelligence. The fun doesn’t end there though and it has also announced itself as the maiden backer for Element AI. (more…)

Microsoft Has Officially Closed Its LinkedIn Acquisition

10 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Days after getting the required regulatory approval from the European Union, Microsoft has finally closed its mammoth, $26.2 Billion LinkedIn acquisition. The social network for professionals is now officially part of the Redmond based tech behemoth, although it will largely continue functioning independently. (more…)

Microsoft HoloLens is Coming to Japan

29 Nov

Microsoft Corp. announced on Tuesday that Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer running Windows 10, will be available for preorder in Japan starting Dec. 2. Devices will begin to ship in early 2017. (more…)

Microsoft to Hike Prices by 22% in the UK Due to Financial Uncertainty over Brexit

26 Oct

By Disha Manocha, The Tech Portal

Since summer of this year, the outcome of the Brexit vote has resulted in a considerable amount of financial uncertainty in the UK. The government has not yet reached a decision on the road ahead after it invokes Article 50, which will effectively trigger an exit from the European Union. But some major tech companies have already moved to cushion the impact of the falling pound, and are raising their prices. (more…)

Microsoft May Launch a New Surface Device at an October 26 Event

10 Oct

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Get your hands up Surface fans. Microsoft has started sending out cryptic invites for s special, October 26th event and it is highly likely that we will be feasting our eyes upon a brand new, all in one device. The event is also expected to play host to some software announcement associated with the next Windows 10 updates and perhaps some news about the company’s Xbox platform. (more…)

Microsoft and Agder Energi Collaborate to Build an Intelligent Grid Powered by an Intelligent Cloud

6 Oct

Thursday at Nordic Edge Expo, Agder Energi, Microsoft Corp. and Powel AS announced a pilot project that will help create a more efficient, flexible and intelligent grid of the future. (more…)

Microsoft to Bolster Its Cloud Services with New Azure Data Centers in France by 2017

5 Oct

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Silicon Valley technology giants, Google, Amazon and Microsoft have all been caught in a fierce battle to prove their might as the most reliable cloud service providers for developers and enterprises. Under the leadership of chief exec Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been diverting its focus more towards cloud and its related infrastructure. And today, the company has taken another step to further cement its position as the cloud provider you can truly trust. (more…)

Windows 10 Is Now Installed on 400 million Devices

28 Sep

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Microsoft has issued yet another update about the device count of its Windows 10 platform. And it has yet again grown. The OS in now installed upon 400 million devices across the globe. Although far short of Microsoft’s 1 Billion device goal, the number indicates that the Windows 10 user base is still growing despite the removal of the free update offer, a couple of months ago. (more…)

We Will Continue to Sell Lumia Devices: Microsoft India Chairman

27 Sep

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Microsoft hasn’t been doing too well with regards to its smartphones division. The company’s Nokia acquisition failed to breath fresh life into business and the company will likely wash its hands off the brand by the year end. However, there have also been speculation that the company will continue focusing upon growing its Surface and Lumia brands. Amid all these rumors, Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik has said that the company will continue its efforts in the mobile division. (more…)

Microsoft to Shutter Skype’s London Office, Lay-Off about 400 Redundant Employees

20 Sep

By Anmol Sachdeva,  The Tech Portal

Microsoft is planning to close down Skype’s headquarter/founding office in London, affecting the jobs of more than 400 of its employees, reports Financial Times. It plans to terminate most of the redundant personnel in a move to unify its global engineering resources. This is also a huge blow to the British tech industry who’s been suffering since the exit of Britain from the EU. (more…)