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World record: Infineon Chip Solves Rubik’s Cube in 637 Milliseconds

11 Nov

The Rubik’s Cube was solved in just 637 thousandths of a second: At the “electronica” trade fair, the machine “Sub1 Reloaded” pulled off the feat with the help of microchips from Infineon. (more…)

Uber Will Deliver Food in Japan

30 Sep

Uber launched its food-delivery business in Tokyo on Sept. 29. UberEats bicycle couriers will carry dishes from more than 150 restaurants ranging from inexpensive to gourmet. (more…)

Self-Driving Cars: What to Do with All That Spare Time?

31 Aug

It appears that semi-autonomous cars may not always be carrying a driver who’s alert and ready to take over control of the vehicle if necessary, according to a new survey from State Farm. (more…)

This is China’s Mars Rover, Scheduled for an August 2020 Launch

26 Aug

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

China has joined the extremely exclusive club of countries that are planning to send rovers to Mars in the near future. The lunar probe and space project center of the Chinese State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense has released pictures of a planned probe that will leave for the red planet in approximately 5 years. (more…)

Japan Mulling Making Tokyo Olympics Medals from Recycled Smartphones

25 Aug

Tokyo Olympics organizers are working on a plan to make the 2020 Olympic medals of recycled smartphones and other old electronics components, Nikkei Asian Review reported. (more…)

Is Acer Becoming a Family Business?

19 Aug

Maverick Shih, son of Acer’s founder Stan Shih, will take over as head of the company’s Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) division next year, Taiwanese media reported this week. Acer chairman George Huang will retire and chief executive officer Jason Chen will double as chairman in 2017. (more…)

Mastercard Helps Chinese Students Pay U.S. Tuitions

10 Aug

Mastercard is offering cardholders in China the ability to use local credit and debit cards to pay U.S. tuitions and other costs through a first-of-its-kind online payment service found at (more…)

The Six Companies Raising the Bar for In-Content Advertising

9 Aug

By Eli Schwartz

According to a recent survey by eMarketer, more than 25% of Internet users use an adblocker and ad blocking is expected to cost publishers $35 billion by 2020. To anyone (or basically every Internet user) who has ever had their browser crash from a rogue banner ad or seen a mobile advertisement so big they couldn’t close it, it’s no surprise that the demand for ad blocking tools is so attractive. (more…)

Sharp Mobile Phones in Japan Experiences Download Failures of Pokémon GO, Leads to Uproar on Twitter

26 Jul

On the day when Nintendo mobile game, “Pokémon GO” went live in Japan, a wave of “catch them all” has already swept over the country. However, a group of Japanese users were totally unhappy about it because their Sharp mobile phones failed to download the game. These unfortunate users all flooded into the official twitter account of Sharp to reflect on the technical issue. (more…)

Apple, Google at Odds with South Korea’s Ban on Unremovable Built-In Apps

15 Jul

Apple and Google took issue with South Korean government’s decision to ban unremovable built-in apps in smartphones and are pressing their case on American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) South Korea, according to foreign media report. (more…)