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FinTech Company BELLIN Pick Up Two Titles in Business Worldwide Magazine Awards

23 Jan money 2

As well as being awarded Best Treasury Software and Services Company (2016), CEO and founder Martin Bellin also picked up the title of Financial Services CEO of the Year (2016). (more…)

Jaunt Debuts Cinematic VR Field Guide for Creatives Venturing Into VR Filmmaking

23 Jan computex-vr-ar-equipment-1-624x416 (1)

Jaunt Inc., the industry leader in cinematic virtual reality (VR), has announced the availability of The Cinematic VR Field Guide: A Guide to Best Practices for Shooting in 360° from Jaunt Studios. (more…)

TechNews Daily 2017.01.23

23 Jan Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

This company is changing how China moves
China is a big country with big cities and big roads. (more…)

Samsung’s Exynos Processors Selected to Revolutionize Audi’s Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment

22 Jan Exynos_Image_webready

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, has announced its participation in the Audi Progressive SemiConductor Program (PSCP) as a partner supplier of Exynos processors, its own System-on-Chip (SoC) solution, for Audi’s In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system. (more…)

Registration Now Open for CES Asia 2017

21 Jan CES Asia logo

Registration is now open for the third annual CES Asia, which returns to Shanghai, China June 7-9, 2017 with a larger footprint in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC). (more…)

TechNews Daily 2017.01.20

20 Jan Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

Mobile medical healthcare trends in China, part 1: China’s health
Mobile technology, social media, and e-commerce seem to dominate the conversation when it comes to digital technology in China. (more…)

HTC VIVE Launches $10 Million “VR For Impact” Program At World Economic Forum 2017

19 Jan htc-vive-624x312

HTC VIVE, the leader in room-scale Virtual Reality (VR), today announced VR For Impact, a $10 Million program to drive VR content and technologies that will create positive impact and change in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Virtual Reality provides a tremendous opportunity to develop and share ideas in impactful ways that lead to change, and through VR for Impact, HTC Vive will fund and support content and technologies that create the most powerful experiences to transform our world. (more…)

TechNews Daily 2017.01.19

19 Jan Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

The smartest watches are still mechanical
The Verge
There was a little moment during this month’s Consumer Electronics Show where I discovered that I was surrounded by colleagues wearing regular, old school mechanical watches. (more…)

New Cell Phone Holder For Cars Launches Kickstarter Campaign

18 Jan CoPilot_Kickstarter

A new startup thinks it has the answer to eliminate one of the biggest frustrations driving with a cell phone. The “CoPilot” holds your cell phone and your coffee while you drive so you can keep your hands on the wheel. It fits in a standard car cup holder, and it holds the phone at an angle for easy viewing while driving, ideal for turn-by-turn directions or streaming music. The product launches today on Kickstarter to get seed funds for tooling and initial production. (more…)

TechNews Daily 2017.01.18

18 Jan Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

WeChat data report reveals unreliable nature of Chinese tourism data
WeChat recently released a brief data report, unveiling user behavior and trends on its services in 2016. (more…)