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Kickstarter Project Solves 2016 MacBook Pro USB-C Issue in One Elegant Package

13 Dec 012837081270-624x406

The first month of sales for the 2016 MacBook Pro have proven that people are not shying away from the USB-C only equipped notebook. This has created an issue for the countless buyers who are now unable to connect their external monitors, hard drives, phones and other traditional USB equipped gadgets. The few existing hubs on the market are bland, poor quality and are often made by unknown manufacturers. These are qualities that don’t sit well with buyers in the premium notebook segment. However, due to the lack of premium USB-C connectivity devices, these new MacBook Pro owners are forced to adapt to these budget hubs. (more…)

TrendForce Projects Global Notebook Shipments to Drop 4.5% Annually in 2017

17 Nov hp-notebook-e_tw_zh_hho_psg_laptops_20141114_tcm71-1838058-624x259

Global notebook shipments for 2016 is estimated to decline by 4% compared with the prior year to around 157.9 million units, reports global research firm TrendForce. (more…)

TrendForce Reports 2016 Chromebook Shipments Exceed Expectations with Annual Growth Projected Around 30~40%

6 Oct 25957541752_c28440ae12_z-624x515

Notebook shipments worldwide for 2016 are projected around 156 million units, down 5.1% from 2015, according to the latest report from the global market research firm TrendForce. Chromebook shipments, however, has been expanding against the general trend of decline and are projected to achieve an impressive annual growth of 30~40%, totaling over 10 million units. (more…)

TrendForce Says Worldwide Notebook Shipments in First Half of 2016 Totaled 74.18 Million Units; Weak Second Half Expected Despite Peak Season

13 Aug shutterstock_327612032-624x416

Worldwide notebook shipments for the first half of 2016 fell just 4% year on year to 74.18 million units, according to global research firm TrendForce. Channel inventories returned to a healthy level in the second quarter. At the same time, there was a significant increase in stock-up demand due to arrivals of new notebook products and preparations for back-to-school sales in September. These factors led to an above-expected shipment results. (more…)

Apple to Give MacBooks a Major Facelift

12 Aug 12391236917-624x419

Apple is preparing the first serious overhaul of its MacBook Pro laptop line in more than four years, Bloomberg reported Thursday. (more…)

Shipments of Top Taiwanese Notebook Manufacturers Rise in May

12 Jun 3294206302_ae4b0c94a7_z-624x416

Quanta Computer has revised upward its shipment guidance for the second quarter following better-than-expected shipment in May.“We previously estimated that this quarter’s notebook shipments would grow about 10 percent from last quarter’s [8.4 million units]. Now we think shipments are likely to grow 20 percent quarter-on-quarter,” a Quanta investor relations official told The Taipei Times. (more…)

Lenovo Became Top Notebook Brand in First Quarter by Surpassing HP in Shipments, TrendForce Reports

11 May lenovo-logo_leiphone0204

Worldwide notebook shipments in the first quarter of 2016 arrived at 35.62 million units, according to the global market research firm TrendForce. The first quarter was the traditional off season for the notebook market and retailers still needed time to clear out their existing inventories. Hence, total shipments fell 19% from the prior quarter and also declined 7.3% year on year. (more…)

Notebook Makers See Sales Fall in February

9 Mar 3294206302_ae4b0c94a7_z-624x416

The shipments of contract notebook computer makers Wistron and Inventec fell in February, local media reported Wednesday. (more…)

TrendForce Reports Notebook Shipments Totaled 164.4 Million Units in 2015 with Apple Gaining Greater Market Share Annually

17 Feb overview_colors_medium-624x452

Global notebook shipments dropped significantly in 2015 mainly due to the impact of currency depreciation on the demand in Europe and the emerging markets, such as Latin America. The release of Windows 10 in the third quarter and Skylake CPU in the fourth also influenced consumers’ decision making and delayed notebook purchases. (more…)

TrendForce’s Mobile PC Shipment Forecast for 2016 Shows Glimmer of Hope for Notebooks but Continuing Decline for Tablets

2 Dec 22505518317_7213372d62_z-624x416

Annual shipments of notebooks are expected to decline significantly this year despite vendors’ best efforts during the year’s second half. (more…)