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Notebook Makers See Sales Fall in February

9 Mar

The shipments of contract notebook computer makers Wistron and Inventec fell in February, local media reported Wednesday. (more…)

TrendForce Reports Notebook Shipments Totaled 164.4 Million Units in 2015 with Apple Gaining Greater Market Share Annually

17 Feb

Global notebook shipments dropped significantly in 2015 mainly due to the impact of currency depreciation on the demand in Europe and the emerging markets, such as Latin America. The release of Windows 10 in the third quarter and Skylake CPU in the fourth also influenced consumers’ decision making and delayed notebook purchases. (more…)

TrendForce’s Mobile PC Shipment Forecast for 2016 Shows Glimmer of Hope for Notebooks but Continuing Decline for Tablets

2 Dec

Annual shipments of notebooks are expected to decline significantly this year despite vendors’ best efforts during the year’s second half. (more…)

Inventec Reports Strong 3Q Earnings

11 Nov

Notebook and mobile device ODM Inventec Corp reported better-than-expected third quarter earnings Tuesday, driven by strong demand for handheld devices and its solar power products. (more…)

Strong Demand Revives Notebook Shipments in Third Quarter with Growth Hitting 11.1%, TrendForce Reports

2 Nov

After experiencing shipment slump in the first half of 2015, branded notebook vendors aim to finish the year off with a strong recovery by making a comeback with an all-out effort to expand their shipments. (more…)

TrendForce Says Q2 Global Notebook Shipments Reached 38.86M; HP Reclaims Market Leadership

28 Jul

The latest survey by the global market research firm TrendForce finds retailers’ stock up demand for new products sustained the notebook shipments this second quarter. However, the excessively high inventory level in the European retail channels and the slow inventory clearance efforts led to the lower-than-expected shipment result of 38.86 million units, or just a 1.1% growth versus the first quarter. “Branded notebook vendors are now under greater pressure due to the weak shipments during this year’s first half,” said TrendForce’s notebook analyst Anita Wang. “The second half will therefore be the crucial period when vendors will try to make a comeback. They are expecting new notebooks with Windows 10 will help them gain market share in this period.” (more…)

Quanta Predicts Notebook Shipments to Rise 20 Percent in Second Half of Year

20 Jun

Quanta Computer Inc., the world’s top contract notebook PC maker, said Thursday that it expects that its shipments for the second half of 2015 will rise more than 20 percent from the first half. (more…)

The Future of Notebook Computers

5 Jun

The notebook computer market was resilient in 2014, reversing two consecutive years of decline as users replaced their Windows XP machines and enjoyed subsidies from Microsoft. Overall, in 2014, global notebook shipments reached 175.5 million units, expanding 3.6 % year-on-year. (more…)

Lenovo recalling ThinkPad notebooks due to battery problem

23 Apr

Chinese electronics maker Lenovo announced April 22 to recall ThinkPad notebook computers due to fire risk posed by defective batteries. Around 280,000 units of computers are expected to be affected in the recall, including 148,000 units in the U.S., 17,000 in Canada, 30,000 in Japan and 90,000 in China. (more…)

Smart living and Internet of Things to take spotlight at Computex 2015

18 Apr

Computex Taipei, Asia’s largest computer expo, will feature smart technology, mobile computing, cloud business and wearable technology applications this year. Participating vendors in the expo, which will run June 2-6, include leaders in the information and communication industry such as Microsoft, Asus and Intel, and start-ups supported by Taiwan’s National Development Council. (more…)