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China Mobile’s MIGU Partners with ODG to Bring Augmented Reality to Consumers in China

20 Dec migu-group-logo

ODG (Osterhout Design Group), a leading designer and manufacturer of augmented, virtual and mixed reality smartglasses and products, has announced an exclusive partnership with China Mobile Communications Corporation’s (“China Mobile”) subsidiary MIGU Video Co., Ltd. (“MIGU”) to bring ODG smartglasses to China. (more…)

Starbucks and Tencent Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch Social Gifting on WeChat in China

9 Dec 4086050844_e8c3485a95_z-624x468

Starbucks Coffee Company and Tencent Holdings Limited, a leading provider of internet value-added services in China, today pioneered a strategic partnership to co-create a new social gifting feature on WeChat, China’s leading mobile social communications service, in early 2017. (more…)

ZTE Empowers Consumers Again to Name the Winning Project CSX Device

30 Nov ZTE_logo_EN

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market, has announced it is accepting product name ideas for the recently revealed Project CSX winner, an eye-tracking, self-adhesive phone. (more…)

China’s Unigroup May Drop Deals with Taiwanese Companies as Government Approval Deemed Unlikely

30 Nov unigroup111301-624x414

As the government of Taiwan is seen unlikely to approve Beijing-backed Tsinghua Unigroup’s plan to acquire stakes in Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) and ChipMos Technologies Inc. (ChipMos), two major IC packaging and testing companies, the Chinese company does not rule out the possibility to drop the deals and seek other channels of cooperation, Chinese media reported. (more…)

Uber China’s New App Makes Cab-Hailing a Seriously Terrible Chore for Foreigners

30 Nov uber-china-new-featured-tech-portal

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Didi Chuxing and Uber fought a very hard battle over China. After raising funds that would have put any other startup to shame, and going on discount and offer sprees, the battle finally ended with Didi acquiring Uber China. Well, months after the acquisition, Didi Chuxing is finally rolling out some major changes. Uber’s China app is now separate from its global counterpart. (more…)

Why is Huawei Having Such a Hard Time in the U.S. Market?

28 Nov 640_huawei_logo-624x415-490x325

U.S. carriers, which distribute more than 80% of mobile phones in the country, are not eager to work with Huawei because of its low brand recognition and security concerns, according to The Wall Street Journal. (more…)

Chinese Travel Giant Acquires Scotland-Based Travel Search Engine Skyscanner for a Massive $1.74 Billion

26 Nov screenshot-170-990x557

By Disha Manocha, The Tech Portal International Ltd, listed on Nasdaq and boasting the place of China’s biggest online travel company, agreed to buy travel search website Skyscanner Holdings Ltd on Wednesday, in a deal that valued the Scotland-based company at about 1.4 billion pounds(approx $1.74 billion). The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2016. (more…)

10th China Financial Value Ranking (CFV) Released in Beijing

23 Nov china flag

The 10th China Financial Value Ranking (CFV) event, a significant part of YICAI’s financial annual meeting season, was held in Beijing on November 18-19, 2016. (more…)

How Has Tencent Become the Biggest Video Game Company in the World?

23 Nov Tencent_2-624x441-2

Tencent has become the No. 1 global game publisher by revenue on the back of its dominance in China’s videogames market and strategic alliances with foreign firms. (more…)

Secret Backdoor Discovered on Budget Blu Smartphones Sent Personal Data to Servers in China

18 Nov blu-android-smartphones-990x748

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Budget Android smartphones from the likes of Chinese manufacturer, Blu, might be an affordable proposition but they’re hugely lacking on the privacy front. As has been uncovered by Security firm Kryptowire, several models of these low-cost Android smartphones, sold even in the U.S, had a backdoor in the firmware installed on them. (more…)