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AHF Urges G20 to Increase Financial Commitment and Global HIV Response in Light of Summit in Hamburg

11 Jul

During Germany’s presidency of the G20, for the first time, the issue of global health has been placed on the G20 agenda. The summit in Hamburg offers a unique opportunity for Germany to set an example for the rest of the G20 countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS worldwide. (more…)

IBM Helps Taiwan CDC Create Predictive Model to Simulate Effects of Using Wolbachia-infected Mosquitoes for Dengue Prevention

16 Nov

Data-driven decision making has become a trend for enterprises today, and there is no exception for government agencies. On November 11, Taiwan CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and IBM Health Corps unveiled the result of a collaborative pro bono program which focused on the research of dengue fever, a critical problem in southern Taiwan every summer. (more…)

BioTech Startup Pandorum Technologies Develops Artificial Human Liver Using 3D Printing Tech

25 Dec

By Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

Its a proven fact — medical science when blended with technology can give you some breathtaking results. And this is exactly what Bangalore-based biotech startup Pandorum  — working on tissue engineering — has achieved. (more…)

Baidu, PUMC Join Hands in Esophageal Cancer Research

24 Dec

Chinese Internet giant Baidu and the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) in Beijing on Dec. 22 announced to jointly conduct research on esophageal cancer, in which China has the highest incidence rate in the world. (more…)

Plant Biologists Discover a Novel Enzyme CEK4 Crucial in Seed Development and Oil Production

18 May

A team led by Dr. Yuki Nakamura, an Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology recently discovered that a novel enzyme choline/ethanolamine kinase 4 (CEK4) is crucial in seed development and oil production in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. They found that a mutation in CEK4 severely affects seed development, and overexpression of CEK4 increases oil in the mature seeds. The study conceptually advances understanding of seed oil biosynthesis, and may contribute to new metabolic engineering strategies to improve seed oil content in crops. The research was published in the journal The Plant Cell on May 12, 2015. (more…)

Ebola Survivors Across West Africa Share Life-Saving Tips Via Mobile App

5 Jan

CONAKRY, Guinea, January 5, 2015/ #ISurvivedEbola (, the groundbreaking West African multimedia campaign, has launched a new, interactive mobile app that allows Ebola survivors to connect with each other, share public health advice, and update the world on the challenges they still face during their post-recovery lives. (more…)

Horizon Ventures Makes Hefty Investment in Modern Meadow

23 Jun

On June 18, 2014, Li Kai Shing’s Horizon Ventures announced that it would be investing in Modern Meadow, a company known for developing artificial tissues and bio-materials. (more…)