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Tigo Launches Next Generation SMART App: Lay Out, Configure, Commission, and Monitor PV Systems in 5 Minutes on a Mobile Phone

17 Oct

Tigo, pioneer of the Smart Modular Flex MLPE platform, has unveiled Tigo SMART, the next generation mobile application. (more…)

ZTE Becomes PGA TOUR’s First ‘Official Smartphone’

13 Oct

The PGA TOUR has announced that ZTE has signed a three-year marketing agreement to become the TOUR’s first-ever Official Smartphone. (more…)

DOOGEE MIX 2, Be the First to Challenge Full Display Smartphone With Quad Cameras

5 Oct

DOOGEE is leading the trend of full display smartphones, again. After launching the popular DOOGEE MIX in June, here comes the even greater upgrade, the DOOGEE MIX 2. Besides the 18:9 full-display screen, there are still many impressive features in this up-to-date device. Many tech reviewers and reporters have noticed this new product and posted news or previews about it, which implied that it would be a competitive player in this year’s full display contest. (more…)

[Media Alert] Transfer of Smartphone Assets and Expertise from HTC to Google Fits Into Both Companies Long-Term Strategies, Says TrendForce

22 Sep

HTC announced on September 21 that the company’s R&D and engineering unit that is responsible for Google’s Pixel smartphones will be officially joining Google. This deal to acquire of HTC’s talents and assets related to smartphone manufacturing is worth a total of US$1.1 billion. (more…)

C Spire begins pre-orders for new Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone

28 Aug

C Spire began accepting customer pre-orders Thursday for the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone that will be unveiled on its “Customer Inspired” Maximum Range 4G LTE network next month. (more…)

TrendForce Reports Global Smartphone Production Volume Reached 324 Million Units This Second Quarter

4 Aug

TrendForce’s latest smartphone market research finds flat growth in the global production volume between the first and second quarter of 2017. (more…)

TrendForce Says Upcoming Device Models Will Reinvigorate Smartphone Market and Lead to Over 10% Increase in Production Volume for 2H17 vs. 1H17

1 Aug

The latest smartphone market research by TrendForce shows that global sales have been fairly tepid in the first half of 2017. (more…)

ZTE USA Introduces the Value-Packed ZTE Blade Spark for AT&T PREPAID

21 Jul

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. and second largest in the no-annual contract market*, has announced that it has expanded its award-winning Blade smartphone series with the ZTE Blade Spark. (more…)

Smartphone Sustainability Requires High Mileage Devices

28 Jun

By Kajal Joshi, The Tech Portal

We might not have hotels on the moon. The cure for cancer is still decades away. Even self-driving cars, though undoubtedly an inevitable reality, are not yet a commonplace feature of modern society. But roughly one out of three human beings currently carries around a high-powered computer in their pocket or purse capable of countless functions, which is pretty cool. (more…)

OnePlus reportedly cheated to manipulate its benchmark scores and make the OnePlus 5 look better

23 Jun

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Who doesn’t want good scores in tests? And we are often prepared to go to great lengths to achieve those scores. However, cheating isn’t exactly something that is to be recommended as a way because not only are you fooling yourself regarding your capabilities, you are also fooling others.  Which is why reports of OnePlus manipulating benchmark scores to make its OnePlus 5 smartphone seem super awesome, have us worried. (more…)